Tanookoo is a series developed by PAPERWARIOGAMES and produced by Fantendo. It revolves around Tanookoo an 18 year old Tanooki and his misadventures so far only one game has been made but a sequel is coming soon.


Tanookoo (2011)

Tanookoo:Twist in Time!(2011)

Tanookoo: The third. (2011)

Guest appearances:



Tanookoo: An 18 year old Tanooki who is mischevious and often borrows money from people which notably get him into trouble a lot

Mafia Guy: An italian Shy Guy who is from the mafia and lets Tanookoo borrow money(Which gets Tanookoo in a predicament with him).An antagionist

Yerda: A green goomba who has long ears and is a geek and long time fan of Star Warzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Hard Hat: A burly manly pig who is the boss of a construction team.He is fought in Tanookoo.

Derrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrth Vaderrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr: A chipmunk who wears a Darth Vader costume.He is fought in Tanookoo

Bertman: A nerd dressed in a Batman suit.A koopa

Jocker: A joker wannabe Boo

Germs Bond: a famous british spy.His species is a germ.

Metal Mask: An infamous spy who is a hedgehog.He is fought in Tanookoo.

Derk Longmart : A nerd who believes in aliens. He is a human.

Vorzlak: An alien who speaks weirdly and is large.He is fought in Tanookoo

King Artur: A nerd who loves to LARP. Hes a 10 year old Human .

Dark Wizard: An elderly LARPer whois Arturs enemy.He uses magic to make himself the Dark Knight.His Darkk Knight form is fought in Tanookoo.Hes a human

Warty Longjohns: An elderly scientest who recreates dinosaurs.Hes a human

T_RARX: A rouge dino created by Warty.

BowZo:A Bowser look alike who Tanookoo borrows money from(which get him into a predicament).He is the final boss in Tanookoo.


Tanookoo was rated an 8.5 Fantendo Power.

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