Tanooki Hearts is a game by Bomb Productions Games. Since it is a Bomb Production, please do not edit except for spelling errors. It is a Wii exclusive and it uses WiiAchieve. It is a game in the YoshiEgg (series) and could be considered the third game in the YoshiEgg & Bloop series. Not much is known about the game except that it will be released sometime in 2010.


During the Ancient Times, M'Icho and his Tanooki tribe and The Groo and his Groo Army were in a bloody, prehistoric war. The little civilization outside of where the Tanookis and Groos lived had barely any protection, for the Groos stole all of their weapons and the Tanookis were trying to give them back, but were failing. The other tribes were mainly various Mario series allies and enemies, such as Birdos, Yoshis, Goombas, and Koopas. The other tribes didn't know what to do except stop the war. So, the main leader and role-model of most of the tribes, a giant Goomba named Huff, proposed that they try a ritual to summon beings to help make peace. Unfortunately, the ritual was performed incorrectly and they accidentally summoned a being from the distant future resembling the Legend of Zelda series's Zant known as Fant. Fant was also the supposed ally of Overman Supreme and the co-creator of YoshiEgg Nook (Cracked). Fant then created chaos among the other tribes using his own dark power and summoning beings from another world known as Heartless. Trying to alter the turnout of the war to create more chaos in the future, Fant made his new Heartless allies (Who only allied with the strongest being) take the forms of Groos, giving The Groo's Army an advantage over M'Icho's without either side knowing. Unfortunately for Fant, M'Icho and his army somehow prevailed and killed most of the Groos, including the Heartless Groos. After the Heartless Groos were killed, Fant noticed that their hearts floated up in the sky, then disappeared. After going to their world and discussing the matter with the leader of an organization that collects these hearts, Fant knew the importance of the hearts and made it his duty in the future to collect them for himself, and he went back to where he came. Now, in the present, YoshiEgg Nook's world is in more trouble that it's ever been in. Fant, using his newfound goals in the present, where YoshiEgg Nook is, instead of the future, summoned armies and armies of Heartless and used YoshiEgg and friends as pawns to collect the hearts for him, as well as capture the organization's hearts for him. But, with all new allies, (None from Disney or other media) YoshiEgg Nook and co. will once again save the world.


At Final Burst, YoshiEgg held Fant up with his Keyblade. He had no idea how he was doing it, but Fant was getting weaker... And YoshiEgg was getting stronger... YoshiEgg slowly put his palm out to his partners as a signal to stand back, not looking at them, but only looking at Fant and his Keyblade. Suddenly, YoshiEgg realized something: He was gaining Fant's power... And his heart... YE's eyes widened with fear. He knew that he had to pull himself away, but he couldn't. His Keyblade wouldn't let him. It was unlocking Fant's heart. Suddenly, in his mind, YE began hearing and seeing strange things, evil things, things that no one should ever have to witness. He heard the screams of helpless victims, the maniacal laughter of a cold-blooded killer, blood spilling on stone, and, over and over, three words: The Forgotten Three. Suddenly, Rhode began to run over to YoshiEgg, to save him, for, somehow, Rhode knew what he was going through. Somewhere deep in his mind, his heart, he knew. However, something stopped him in his tracks: The clouds parted, revealing a giant, glowing, heart-shaped moon. Something out of Rhode's, out of Fant's, out of anyone's power was happening right this minute. Half of YoshiEgg's mind was still conscious, still alive, still looking in fear as his and Fant's hearts were combining. The other half of him was with Fant's heart, Fant's mind, witnessing horrible, mysterious things. Fant was draining himself into YE, and there wasn't a thing they could do about it... Then, suddenly, almost all of Fant's power drained into YoshiEgg, into his heart and mind and soul. YoshiEgg's eyes closed as he, Fant, and his almighty Keyblade glowed a bright yellow. After a few seconds, YE's eyes opened, now a blood red instead of the friendly, deep blue they always are. Then, he uttered, "This is not me..." and found the power inside his heart, his real heart, to lift his Keyblade, then slash Fant through the head. However, there was no wound. Fant glowed extremely bright, almost white, and he dissolved into the air. YoshiEgg's glowing then began to dim and he dropped to the ground. He and Fant's hearts were seperate, now. As he landed, Final Burst began to shimmer, and, suddenly, YE and the gang were all back at McBoo's Mansion. After a few more moments of silence, Bloop said "What was that?" Rhode was silent, even though he knew exactly what it was. YE's head dropped for a few seconds, then came back up. He had a look of pure joy on his face. The world was now safe. Everybody else got the message and began to become happy, truly happy.

Secret Ending: Hiya, Mister! My Name's Rain!

After beating the entire game and completing each of the quests from their respective worlds, a secret movie/ending is unlocked. It could be considered the teaser trailer for the unannounced Tanooki Hearts II, or it could be a trailer for something having to do with YoshiEgg Adventures, considering Rain Nook is involved.

The movie starts out with a blindfolded figure wearing the coat of the organization walking on a landscape that appears to be Laser Tagged at night. The screen begins to static, then a quote appears...

"Why am I here, anyway?"

The static appears again, then the camera zooms in on the figure's left hand. He is holding a Keyblade that looks as though it is the Soul Eater. He drags the blade on the dusty, gravely ground, leaving a trail behind him. The static appears again and another quote appears...

"Someone important took something important from me, and I intend to get it back..."

The static appears once again, and the camera focuses on a pink Tanooki girl with dirt on her fur and bruises on her hands sitting on a rock in front of a cave-like structure, swinging her legs back and forth and looking at the stars. The blindfolded figure is approaching her. Then, the static appears and another quote comes...

"We can't let fear stop us!"

The static appears, and then the camera focuses on the blindfolded figure, now standing in front of the young Tanooki. "Hiya, Mister!" says the Tanooki girl, "My name's Rain! What's yours?" The blindfolded figure then gives a devilish smile. After that, the screen goes blank and the words "Tanooki Hearts" appear.

  • The quotes in the movie are spoken by (In order of quote appearance) Bloop, Rhode, and Riku.







The weapons in the game are Keyblades, like in the Kingdom Hearts series. You can also use certain types of magic.


The gameplay is similar to that of the Kingdom Hearts series, as is the storyline. The "worlds" system is a bit different, since you have to go to each world progressively, depending on the storyline.




Tanooki Hearts: Chronicles of Three is the next game and is currently in development. But, chronologically, Tanooki Hearts: Chronicles of Three takes place before Tanooki Hearts, making it a prequel. The next game chronologically and the next game in development after Chronicles of Three is Tanooki Hearts II. However, an "alternate universe sequel" was made for YoshiEgg Day 2010 by Twenty-Second Choice called YoshiEgg: Untold. This game shows what would happen if YoshiEgg and Fant's hearts merged, along with other alternate storylines.