Tanooki Cat Adventure is a game by KoopaGamer. Also the first Tanooki Cat Game.

Tanooki Cat Adventure
Developer(s) Koopa
Publisher(s) Nintendo


Platform(s) Wii U
Release Date(s)
Story Mode

Free Play Options

Genre(s) 3D Platformer

Story Mode

The main part of the game. Once selected for the first time it shows a Tanooki waking up KOed on a beach. he looks up seeing a land of floating colorful blocks. A Cat suddenly comes and greets him. The Cat says 'Hey! You aren't part of the All Things Evil Army right?' Tanooki says 'The what?' Cat says 'Phew...The A.T.E. took over this Island..It used to be peaceful...' Tanooki says 'What?! We gotta go stop them!' Tanooki runs off to Color Block Plains. Cat says 'Wait!' and chases after Tanooki.

World 1: Colorful Block Plains

You start at an instruction level. You can swap between Tanooki and Cat using there powers to get through. Because if played on multiplayer you just get colorswaped Tanooki and Cats. Blue for 2. Green for 3. And Yellow for 4.

You will find enemies that you will remember the faces of. Like Goombas and Koopas. These characters will appear farther in the game. And even the series. When at the start of the first stage you can see part of the beach from the intro. If you get behind the tree and glitch the camera you can see more of it. Maybe even fish in the water. You start at a flipped L shaped area. Not fliped like upside down. Once you go through the first part you find blocks. Similar to the ones from SMB3 1-1. This game is connected to Mario in a way. Containing things from it. And even stuff from other games. Once you fight foes, climb blocks, and jump over gaps. You reach the exit. The exit for the non-boss levels is a star. Grab it to clear the level. They will also have a victory stance.

You are taken to a world map. Similar to the ones from the New Super Mario Bros games. Cat says 'Dude! Are you really going to take on alone!?' Tanooki says 'Nope! You're coming!' Cat says 'But I'l die!' Tanooki says 'You won't die. You will gain expirence fighting. And..Are you really going to let the A.T.E. take over the Island?!' Cat said 'You're right...For Freedom!'

You start the second stage then. In this stage you find the Chill Suit. Allows you to throw ice freezing foes. Along with freezing water. In this stage you MUST have the Chill Suit. You can find bottomless pits with water. You have to freeze the water and walk across it.

In the third stage you use Cat's climbing power to climb tall trees. Once made to the tree tops you must climb, pounce, spin, and freeze you're way through Treetop Valley. At the end of the stage you run to the star for victory.. Til a huge wooden hand grabs the star! Climb down to the end of the stage to take on Treetop Boss. A huge tree similar to Whispy Woods. But he can walk. And has trees. Groundpound there hands to harm them. Hit each hand twice. Then Treetop Boss breaks down and falls. Then explodes.

In the forth stage you go through floating blocks. And fighting winged versions of enemies. If you glitch the camera at the start you can see part of Treetop Boss. In this stage you have more of an advantage using Tanooki so you can hover. Cat could pounce to get through the stage quick. But its risky. If missed you will be falling to you're doom. Well. If you have 0 Lifes left.. The end of the stage has a few enemies guarding the star. But you can just grab the star to win.

In the fifth stage you get to go underwater. This being a 2D level. Similar to the water level from SMB1. You can find Treetods with goggles on swiming. They cannot be defeated without a power-up. Once you finsh the stage you swim up a hole and jump onto land where it goes back to 3D. Then you grab the star.

Once you go to Stage Six on the map Cat looks up and says 'Tanooki! Look!' An A.T.E. Castle is infront of them. Tanooki says 'Finally. We can give them a peace of our mind!' Cat says 'Well.. There is one of these at everypart of the Island..' Tanooki says 'Ugh..'

Once entering the All. Things. Evil. Castle you must climb the chain walls like on SMW. You can find new enemies here. Ones that climb the chain walls. Along with Metal Treetods attacking you on ground. Once gotten past some Cog Climbers on a long, small, moving chain wall. Once made it pass. You go into the Boss Door. The Boss is Mega Cog. A giant Cog Climber similar to a giant ape of some sort. You must run up his arm when he smashes the ground and jump on his head. Once done 4 times he falls down and breaks apart.


Picture Power


Tanooki can hover and use a tail spin to attack.
Cat Tanooki


Cat can climb walls and pounce to KO enemies.

Victory Stances

Each Character has two stances.

Tanooki's first stance is a peace sign while Cat stands behind him.

Tanooki's second stance is doing a flip and then raising both fist when landed while Cat stands behind him.

Cat's first stance is spining around and lifting his fist up in victory while Tanooki stands behind him.

Cat's second stance is jumping up and down and then doing a peace sign while Tanooki stands behind him.

Free Play

This allows you to play with up to 4 Players. Choose any stage you have cleared. You can even play online.


You can select the sound. Color of speach bubbles. And view the gallery of all art.


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