The muscle of the Roach Trio
Full Name Tankroach
Gender Male
Species Cockroach
Location Trash Tooth
Current Status Deceased
Class Antagonist, Boss
Leader of the Roaches along with:
Psyroach (Deceased)
Bossroach (Deceased)
Ability/ies Summoning Roaches
Voice Actor(s)
Kevin Micheal Richardson
First Appearance Tak-Zac Bug World (2013)
Latest Appearance Tak-Zac Bug World (2013)
Perhaps we can settle the whole cage thing with some... Negotiations. You know I was just joking, do you Chomper? Oh, I guess not!
Tankroach's last words, TZBW

Tankroach is one of the 3 Roach leaders, and an ally in Tarko's scheme in Tak-Zac Bug World. He is the oldest and strongest of the trio, thus becoming the commander of the Roach Army. He, Psyroach and Bossroach ambush Tak and Zac who are trying to rescue Tessie, but the three bugs escaped safely. Later on, Tankroach is sent to make a drill site on a volcanic crater to mine minerals for weapons and locks Chomper in a cage for trying to stop him. Tak frees him, and the little termite begins defeating many Roaches that Tankroach summons.

Chomper knocks down the column that Tankroach is on and it falls onto a giant drill press that blows up both the drill and Tankroach, completing Chomper's revenge.