This is the story of Mametchi and friends who had a new Villain who named Darth 9-Volt who has been posed by the human boy named 9-Volt To look at the characters, click here!

Villian Intro

The horde of Darth 9-Volt's troops (incomplete; will expand as more are revealed in the story)


"Hey Mametchi, you gat mail!" said Mailtchi, "Hey, I know it says." said Mametchi and reads the letter "Dear chump tamas, my name is Darth 9-Volt, guss what chumps, I haved build a Hyper powerful wepon! In 5 days, I'll take over the Tamagotchi galaxy, then you won't stop me! (MUH HA HA HA HA HAHHHHH!) senserly, Darth 9-Volt." "Oh-no! I have to save my galaxy!" yelled Mametchi. Then he called his friends Memetchi,Kuchipatchi,Violetchi,Kizatchi, and Mametchi's little sister, ChaMametchi. "what's going on?" asked ChaMametchi, "Were in big troble!" Mametchi answered."I so hungery, I want a hambuger..." said Kuchipatchi."Not now!" said Kizatchi. All the sudden, Black Kizatchis with masks and "V" Bagdes carry out other Tamas in cages. Mametchi and friends were horrifeid when their parents, their pets and more were carted. Mametchi and his friends ran inside to find Princess Tamako in chains and crying.

Chapter 1 complete


"Princess! What's-a wrong?" Mametchi and friends asked."They... they..." Tamako sobbed."They what?" Mametchi wondered. "Meet me in Tama Town" Tamako said. "and please find prince Tamahiko." "But Tamako! With-a all those Kizas..." Kizatchi said,wishing not to have to save her. "They... They don't want us.." Tamako said "Look, meet me there, OK? I'll tell you then." And so, she left, leaving the heros in the destroyed castle,haunted by the emptiness of the castle. "How could this happen? What do they want?" Kuchipatchi said, now crying "Who would take all these People! What will happen to them!"."It's OK, Kuchipatchi." Violetchi said assuringly "Let's go find Tamako!" "OK" Kuchipatchi said, wiping off his tears.

Chapter 2 complete

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