<Super Smash Bros. Brutal Duel


Tamagon joins the battle! Tamagon comes from the void to fight the compition. He represents the Devil World (Demon World in N.A.) and uses stuff from the game.


B: Fireball: Tamagon spits out a fire ball that goes in a straight path across the screen.
Side B: Cross/T Rock: Tamagon swings a cross in front of himself doing a little bit of damage. In N.A. the cross will be replaced with a stone shaped T.
Up B: Bat: Devil appears in bat form and Tamagon grabs on as it flaps upward.
Down B: Medaman: Tamagon drops a Medaman that goes around the stage attacking opponents.
Final Smash: Devil: Tamagon jumps onto the Devil's back and you control the way the screen moves.

Pallette Swap

Red-The second player in Devil World
Blue-The color of the Devil
Pink-The color of Medaman
Yellow-The color of the crosses in the game
White-The color of the second screen


Up Taunt- The Devil in bat form flaps around Tamagon
Side Taunt- Holds out the book from the game except it doesn't have a cross on it
Down Taunt- a trail of dots go in a square and he chases it going back to where he was

Victory Theme

Devil World NES-039:38

Devil World NES-0

Theme up until 0:05

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