Full Name Tam-Tom
Current Age 9
Gender Male
Species Crystappo
Height 0.2m
Weight 12kg
Tam-Tom is a small Crystappo from the planet, Obrusi. He is a little bit mischievious and likes to explore the land around his home.


Tam-Tom is a very small Crystappo although is also very young, he is only about 0.2m tall (including Crystals) and walks on all fours. He has no toes although each of his feet have pinkish coloured ends. He also has Pink on his back and nose. He is rather compact in size with a large head in comparison to the rest of his body. His large oval-shaped eyes have Deep Blue Irises. He often has a slight smirk on his face. On his back he has 5 large (for his size), Red Crystals that provide protection from flying predators.


Tam-Tom isn't able to properly protect himself from most predators although his spikes to give him coverage from attacks above him. He can also charge at predators although due to his small size this is relatively ineffective. Tam-Tom can also channel the energy that his Crystals absorb to fire a small ball of energy a short distance.


  • Tam-Tom was the result of an initial plan to make Unipon art and then immediately ditching that idea
    • Some features about Unipon still appear in the art such as the Pink colour, small body and more expressive appearance of Tam-Tom
  • Tam-Tom's appearance is based on a Stegosaurus and a Hippopotamus. The Crystals and general body shape come from the Stegosaurus while the head and mammalian overall appearance come from the Hippopotamus
  • Tam-Tom is the Main Character of Darklight Studios
  • Tam-Tom's name comes from a hybrid of the last 4 letters of the Spanish word for Hippo, Hipopótamo