Full Name Talus
Current Age Eternal
Gender Male
Species God
Family and Relations
The rest of the gods
Main Weapon(s) N/A
Lord Talus
First Appearance Omegaverse: Confidential

Talus is a god and a villain in the Omegaverse: Confidential saga. He is the lord of all the gods and banished Destructan.


Talus along with many other gods such as Destructan entered our world a long time ago in the Spirit Realm. They started to create a universe, and all was well, until Talus found out that Destructan was plotting to destroy the mortals. Talus used his powers to banish Destructan, and Talus became the leader of the gods. Talus was thrown in the godly prison by Destructan in The Omegaverse, but was saved by Rattly Duck and Logjam. Talus then found out that Destructan had two kids, Roxas and Intarra, and went to destroy them in fear they would become to strong. More coming....