The courageous explorer
Full Name Tally the Moth
Current Age 20
Gender Female
Species Moth
Location Ant City (formerly)
Ant Village
Current Status Active
Class Protagonist
Family and Relations
Tak and Zac (close friends)
Main Weapon(s) Pistols, Fists
Ability/ies Rock Climbing, Melee, Shooting
Voice Actor(s)
Tara Strong
First Appearance Tak II (2003)
Tally is a Main Character in the Tak-Zac series. She is a blonde moth who is a brave explorer. She first appeared in Tak II, and continues to appear in other games. She also appeared as a playable character in Tak-Zac Bug World.


Tally is a light peach moth with black hair, blue-green eyes and pink lips. She wears a brown coat tucked into a pair of black trousers held by a light brown belt, black gloves and mahogany boots up to her knees.

Bug WorldEdit

Tally appeared as a Playable Character in this game, where she helps Tak collect Light Eggs by going through obstacles that only she can go through. She is able to climb walls and shoot enemies with her pistol. Later on, when Tak and Zac get trapped in a booby trap at the Tarantula Tomb, Tally ventures through the haunted tomb and rescues the duo.