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Welcome to TalixCon 2016 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

It is the fifth annual announcement event for TalixArts. It will showcase several new announcements for upcoming games, new ips, movies, and more. Like last year’s event, it will continue the two-day split format.

Day One

Game reveals


Maven 6: Avatar Uprising

The first game revealed is Maven 6: Avatar Uprising, the ninth installment in the main series and the concluding entry of the Harbinger trilogy storyline first started in Maven the Lynx 4.

Avatar Uprising sees Maven, Circuit, their allies, and the Lynxes go out to find and stop the Avatars of Paradox that have ruined the Lynxes’ home and had a hand in Maven’s parents’ accident, eventually leading to the epic confrontation with the Harbinger.

For the first time in the Maven series, the game will have a branching storyline; having the players’ choice to result in a different ending. There will be new characters as well. Similar to the previous two entries, co-op story and multiplayer modes will return along with the weapons. The Forging mode which was introduced in the previous game will return with brand new maps and maps from previous Maven games, allowing controllers to customize and use it in online mode. And for the first time, players can upload the customized map into the adventure mode; and upload other players maps into online and adventure mode.

Maven 6: Avatar Uprising will be released for the Wii U for late December 2016.



Pokémon Arena Battlefare

The next reveal is a new entry in the Pokémon Arena series. Arena Battlefare is the fourth entry in the series and introduces a brand new arena called the Battlefare. In the Battlefare, trainers will use their Pokémon and fight to become Battlefare Master. Winning the Master Trophy, the winning trainer will be on top and achieve the fame around the world. Similar to Arena 2 and Arena U, there will be a story mode. Players will customize their trainer and name boy/girl, select a Pokémon to be his/her side partner and go on a quest to collect five other Pokémons to form their team. Once the character formed the team, they will then take part and enter the Battlefare Tournament. However, a dangerous conspiracy will be revealed and the player’s character must unravel and stop the chaos before the tournament is destroyed.

Most of the canon generations will be available. “Sun and Moon” generation will be included as the first Arena Battlefare DLC. Other generations will be later included in future DLCs. The game will also have tournament rumble, arena flag, memory match, and tag team royale modes. Up to 8 players can play at the same time.

Pokémon Avatar Uprising will be released for the Wii U for late December 2016.



Super Mario Dark

The next reveal is Super Mario Dark. It is a brand new Super Mario game that is set to be released in late 2017/early 2018. The new game will have Mario, Luigi, Master Toad, and Princess Peach team up to save Yoshi who has been kidnapped by Dark Mario—the new antagonist. Mario and friends will have to go the Mirror World and traverse through Dark Mushroom Kingdom, which has been taken by Bowser. Mario will have to go through new levels, face new foes, and get new power ups.



Dark Rising

Dark Rising, is a upcoming military science fiction third-person shooter video game like Halo. In the game, controller plays Zane Galton has to stop a rising battle between in the NAC and the RNA, but dark secrets threaten to tear everything Zane cares about forever.

The game will contained a lot of futuristic weapons and will have a breathtaking vehicle gameplay, controlling hovercrafts and hoverbaords. The game will have a co-op multiplayer mode and online mode. And as well a wicked, capture the flag-like game called, "Sunfall mode".

Dark Rising will be released for the Wii U and 3DS October 2016.


Day Two

CLICK HERE for Day Two of this year's TalixCon

Will reveal movies, fanfics, and other surprises for the TalixArts-owned studios, TalixCon Jr., TalixArts World, and Tal TV.



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