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Day Two: May 23



Phantasy Star

The first movie reveal is Phantasy Star. It is the first non-Sonic film based on another SEGA property. TalixArts Jr. will produce.

Synopsis revealed: Set in the fictional Algol system, lies three great planets…Palma, a lush green planet; the desert planet of Motavia, and the icy planet of Dezoris. The whole system is in control by the iron grasp of the vindictive and omnipotent ruler as, King Lassic. When a rebellion starts to usurp Lassic’s rule, Lassic orders an all-out assault on the fragile team. One of the dead victims turns out to be a young rebel leader, Nero. And now his reluctant sister, Alisa Landale, sets for revenge against Lassic. With help from a ragtag group of outlaws, Alisa must choose who can she trust when she puts her own life on the line in a quest across the Algol galaxy to stop Lassic once and for all. But there are more dark forces involve that could change everything.

Revealed cast members: Nina Dobrev voices main protagonist, Alisa Landale. Sebastian Stan voices Alisa’s brother, Nero; Johnny Depp voices Myau the Musk Cat creature; Michael Fassbender voices Odin, a rebel warrior and friend of Nero; Joseph Gordon-Levitt voices Noah, a magical warrior; and Jason Isaccs voices King Lassic, the main antagonist. Other voice cast will be announced later.

Phantasy Star will be out in June 2017.


Pokemonfilm new

Pokémon (2016 film)

After revealing the film adaption of a Pokémon film last year, the film is inspired by the first generation (Yellow, Red, and Blue). It ‘s set to reboot the franchise in a film series. The first of a planned series is set in Kanto.

The official synopsis is revealed:

When he loses his uncle’s collection of Pokémon in a dare, a rookie trainer must find a way to repay his uncle. And when he learns of Giovanni King, a revered Pokémon master is hosting a huge Grand PokéTorunament. Aiden seizes his chance. But to get in, he must collect several badges as requirement to get in the tournament. But when he realizes the trainers, who have control of the badges, are much more experienced. Aiden must find a team of Pokémon to train and battle. However as he fights his way to the tournament, he learns of a deadly conspiracy that could control every Pokémon. Aiden must defy the odds to learn the truth while seeking the prize, but how far can he go to achieve everything he wants. But what he needs.

Revealed cast members: Dylan O’Brien voices Aiden, the main protagonist; Leven Rambin voices Misty, a trainer Aiden meets and befriends; John Boyega voices Brock, a tough trainer and an old friend who helps Aiden in his task; Emmy Rossum voices Jessie, a member of a villainous group nicknamed Rocket; Tom Felton voices James, another member of Rocket and Jessie’s partner. Kevin Spacey voices Giovanni King, a key figure and central antagonist; Gary Oldman voices Professor Oak, Aiden’s uncle and mentor. Colton Haynes voices Ben, Aiden's rival. Several Pokémon actors revealed to be: Rachel Lillis voicing Pikachu, Robert Foxworth voices Meowth, Tara Strong voices Squirtle/Wartortle, Tara Jayne voices Bulbasaur/Ivysaur, Reno Wilson voices Onyx, and Mark Ryan voices Charmander/Charmeleon/Charizard. Andy Serkis is set to voice other Pokemon.

Pokémon (2016 film) has been pushed from July 2016 to September 2016.




Brad Awesome (TV series)

The first show reveal is Brad Awesome. It will be rebooted as a TV series. The show will focus on a competition. The series will focus on a young hawk, Brad Hawkins, who has been a rising star in the land of Avairon. As the land gets ready for the Great Race, Brad must face personal demons while handling his outspoken crew if he has what it takes to win and become immortal. However, there are surprises that could surprise Brad than he realizes.

Brad Awesome: TV series will begin Fall 2015 on Tal TV.



Rise of Tyi

The next reveal is a show focusing on a familiar character in TalixArt’s flagship franchise. Rise of Tyi is a spin-off TV series set in the Maven the Lynx universe. It will focus on the origins of Tyi the Leopard, a key series ally who met Maven in Dimension Twist.

The story will set in the Beta Dimension, in a mystic town named Aurora. See the story of Tyi’s rise to become one of the most powerful sorceresses, and how she got her hands on the crescent staff, and how she met Daisy the Cybird.

Rise of Tyi will begin Fall 2015 on Tal TV.



Notus logo



Notus is TalixArts upcoming tablet device that will have a store/library system, which is known as TalixPrime. Under Notus while using TalixPrime, it will allow the user to play and interact with past, current, and future TalixArts projects from games to shows to movies. It will also host other studio projects.

Notus skin will be have three main colors: Silver, Black, and Gold. When Notus is out, this is the first set of TalixArts games that will come with its launch: Maven the Lynx, Super Mario Underwater, Mario Wrestling Evolution, Mario and Bowser: Tag Tactics, The Legend of Zelda: Mystic Beginnings, Pokemon Jade and Amethyst, Pokemon Arena, Sonic 360°, Sonic & Maven: Crossfire, and Need For Speed: Unleashed!

The launch date is set for December 2015.


Thank You!!

Thanks for seeing this year's TalixCon. This concludes TalixCon 2015. As this studio wraps up this event, here is a teaser for next year's...


TalixArts is proud to make the next entry of a beloved franchise…here’s the tease picture…

Spyro by drag 5

Stay tuned for its big debut at TalixCon 2016 when it comes July 2016.'

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