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Welcome to TalixCon 2015 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

It is the fourth annual announcement event for TalixArts. It will showcase several new announcements for upcoming games, new ips, movies, and more. Like last year’s event, it will continue the two-day split format.

Day One: Friday, May 22

Game reveals


Pokémon vs. Digimon

The first game revealed is a crossover fighting game featuring two popular franchises. The Pokémon series and Digimon series. It will involve mainly the first generation of Pokémon (Red, Blue, and Yellow) and Digimon (Adventure and Adventure 02).

The main gameplay will be split between two modes, the “Story” mode and “Challenge” mode. The story mode will have the player control a created trainer or tamer. He/She are sent by their father, a renowned researcher who has found a device that could merge the worlds of Pokémon and Digimon. When a dangerous organization recruits enemies from both sides to seize both worlds, the hero’s father wants his child to explore the two merged worlds. Battle wild Pokémon and Digimon, collect them, train them, and create a team to handle the unknown threat, before both worlds are doomed forever.

The challenge mode is the classic one-on-one. You choose any team of Pokémon or Digimon, and go against computer controlled teams. And as well, go against your friends in online challenge. Other features include evolution tracker, a PokeCenter mode, and a skill shop to collect badges or other items to unlock secret characters. Future Pokémon and Digimon generations will be available through downloadable content.

Pokémon vs. Digimon will be released for the Wii U on March 2016.



WaveRace: Hurricane

The next revealed is a reboot to the WaveRace series. In WaveRace: Hurricane, players can jet ski, wakeboard, surf, and wave glide with the most modern equipment and race against other friends in the most breathtaking water locations, such as the Great Barrier in Australia, The Amazon River in South America, the Mississippi River and Lake Michigan in North America, and others.

Players can customize their racer, their water vehicles, and upgrade to bigger equipment. And including in the racing gameplay is the inclusion of interactive weather. Escape from tsunami, typhoon, monsoon, and cyclone; and as well active fish and mammals such as the Killer Whale, Great White, Hammerhead, Sea Turtle, and others.

WaveRace: Hurricane will be released for the Nintendo Silver on May 2016.



Mario Wrestling Evolution 4

The next reveal is the fourth main installment in the Mario Wrestling Evolution series. Mario Wrestling Evolution 4 will feature all Mario characters, Nintendo characters, and as well bring back the Fantendo characters. There will be first time characters coming to the fray.

The first of the new group is revealed to be…Kid Icarus

The second is…Machamp

The third is…Mega Man

The fourth is…Armillo

The fifth is…Bayonetta

The sixth is…Silver the Hedgehog

More new characters will be revealed soon. The timeback feature will return to this game. And as well other classic match ups like single, tag, handicap, battle royal, Tag w/ manager, hardcore, cage, fire tag, and bomb royal will return. New match up types include “space roulette” and “gauntlet”.

Mario Wrestling Evolution 4 will be out for the Wii U sometime October 2015.


Updates on previous reveals


Maven 5: Lynx-Crossed

Maven 5: Lynx-Crossed, the second entry of the Harbinger trilogy storyline first started in Maven the Lynx 4.

Lynx-Crossed sees Maven, Circuit, and Jasper on a new quest that will send them out for the truth of what really happened to Maven's parents and learn more about Maven's family past. New lynx characters—allies like Lori the Lynx and as well unexpected enemies—will appear. But the return of an old enemy, someone Maven faced in the past, will reappear in a plot to destroy Lumina and everything Maven cares about.

While co-op story and multiplayer modes make return once again, there are four new weapons Maven will enjoy like the “Mister Puncher”, “RaveClawster”, “PudgySheild”, and the “SlickWill”. Skillshot Challenge, will return. There will be a brand new mode, for the first time introduced in the Maven series. The new mode is entitled ‘Forging’. The mode will allow the controller to customize certain special maps. (The maps could include any traps, monsters, ammo, health packs, stars, and other items seen in past levels). Controller can upload their customized map back into the game. The controller can also upload the maps into a shared universe, where online players can access them and play them and give feedback.

Maven 5: Lynx-Crossed will be released for the Wii U for November 2015.


Zelda nurule

The Legend of Zelda: Nurule Guardian

In The Legend of Zelda: Nurule Guardian, the game is set many years after the “Mystic saga”. The setting is in a war-torn Hyrule. The castle is in ruins. A much older Link is set on a mass adventure along with his horse, Epona, to find and stop the mysterious Nurule Guardian, who yields a new that can turn red and black...before all of Hyrule is destroyed.

By looking at the cover, a golden version of Fierce Deity will make his debut in this game. The gameplay will bring much bigger, expansive view of Hyrule. Free-roaming will also be key to the game and dungeon play.

Nurule Guardian will be released for the Wii U, and the launch date has change from December 2015 to January 2016.


Supermariofuture2 0

Super Mario Future 2

Super Mario Future 2 has Mario going back to Neo Mushroom Kingdom where his future counterpart is missing in action. And Mario must filled in Future Mario's shoes when, Future Bowser has a new plan set in motion to control Neo Mushroom Kingdom. And in order to make his plan successful, Future Bowser uses Future Wario and Future Waluigi to abduct people...including Queen Peach, and her daughter Princess Lime. Mario is set out for a adventure along with Rowdy, to team up with Master Toad and Future Luigi to battle Future Bowser’s plan.

During the game, Mario will transform back to Cyborg Mario with new upgrades. And as well control an M-Hovercraft. New worlds will be revealed. There will be a Super Mario Future 2: MechaBowser Edition, in that special edition game. MechaBowser will have a bigger presence in the game's story with new scenes and gameplay, plus a mini-game, Mecha Bowser Roars that will have the controller play as MechaBowser in a Godzilla"-like game.

Super Mario Future 2 will be out for the Wii U and Nintendo Silver on June 2015.



Dark Rising

Dark Rising, is a upcoming military science fiction third-person shooter video game like Halo. In the game, controller plays Zane Galton has to stop a rising battle between in the NAC and the RNA, but dark secrets threaten to tear everything Zane cares about forever.

The game will contained a lot of futuristic weapons and will have a breathtaking vehicle gameplay, controlling hovercrafts and hoverbaords. The game will have a co-op multiplayer mode and online mode. And as well a wicked, capture the flag-like game called, "Sunfall mode". The game will have several versions and a tournament-style deathmatch mode.

Dark Rising will be released for the Wii U and 3DS late 2016.


Day Two: Saturday, May 23

CLICK HERE for Day Two of this year's TalixCon

Will reveal movies, fanfics, and other surprises for the TalixArts-owned studios, TalixCon Jr., TalixArts World, and Tal TV.



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