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Day Two

Another game reveal


Dark Rising

The fifth and final game revealed will be a new entry of a new series entitled, Dark Rising. It will be a military science fiction third-person shooter video game like Halo.

The game sets in the near future where America to split into two warring factions—the Neo American Corporation of the North against the Rising New America of the South. In the poorest zone of the RNA, Zane Galton has protected his kid sister Collie and promised her they will never be split apart since their mother’s death two years ago. During a hangout gone wrong, Zane is blamed for the death of a RNA army recruiter and fearing he could die; he gets a second chance by recruiting into the RNA army’s elite, the Risers. Being one, Zane is forced to leave his sister to go in battle against the NAC Borgs.

However, as he joins the other Risers, an unexpected surprise leads to the demise of all but one Riser. That one is Zane. Injured, Zane wanders himself into the NAC border. Saved by a daring female named Lexis, Zane is forced to forge his identity as he heals and hides from the NAC leaders. As he hides, he develops feelings for his savior/guardian angel who such happens to be the daughter of one of the executives. Soon his promise to Collie keeps reminding Zane that he wants to go back home. However, Zane discovers the deaths of the other Risers have sparked a massive conspiracy deep in the NAC and other surprising places. Now Zane must find a way to stop the threat before his sister and everything he holds dear is gone forever.

The game will contained almost nine unique weapons and seven vehicles. The game will also have a co-op mulitplayer mode and online mode. And as well a wicked, capture the flag-like game called, "Sunfall mode".

Dark Rising will be released for the Wii U sometime TBA or early 2016.



Sonic Hedgehogintime

Sonic: A Hedgehog in Time

As revealed earlier, A Hedgehog in Time, will be the fourth entry of the Sonic 2014 film series. It will be the first sequel collaborated between TalixArts Jr. and Lone Planet Productions.

Synopsis revealed: In the future of the corrupted city Morbius, a hedgehog with physic powers named Silver is on the hunt to stop the Deadly Six with the help from Blaze the Cat. As they try to stop them, they uncover a werehog creature, who looks like Sonic, has a devious connection to why the Deadly Six are taking over Mobius. To prevent Sonic from transforming into this creature, Silver goes back to the past to kill Sonic. But when they discover a hidden threat amongst them, Sonic and Silver must team up with the return of Shadow as they must prevent the future Silver saw...and prevent Sonic from actually causing it.

A Hedgehog in Time will be out in May 2020.



Pokémon (2016 film)

The second movie production revealed will be a film adaption of the Pokémon franchise. TalixArts Jr. is heavily involved, and might include another studio's help. The film is very inspired by the first generation (Yellow, Red, and Blue)

Teaser revealed: Aiden, a hotshot rookie trainer, decides to try to catch several inexperienced pokemon in attempt to gain the badges from hugely popular and experienced trainers. As his ultimate goal to enter into Giovanni King's The Grand PokéTorunament. Can Aiden defy the odds to gain the ultimate prize or risk everything he dreams. More info will be revealed in next year's TalixCon.

Pokémon (2016 film) will be out in July 2016.





Destined will be the first TalixArts game show/reality series. It's an interesting premise. TalixArts will host a prime ultimate, face-off competition. Characters from all over the Fantendoverse can participate. Like American Idol but without the singing and Miss America without the pageantry. Who will be Destined to become Fantendo's greatest character ever created. With the best skills, best appearance, best everything. More info will be coming in the upcoming months. Looking for some judges to take part of this competition. If you want to know more and want to be a judge or want to take part by adding your characters. There will be guidelines though. If you want know more, contact my user profile.

The competition will start sometime Summer 2015.



Ado's Journeys

A new TV fanseries features one of the most interesting characters from the The Legend of Zelda's Mystic Saga. And that character is Ado. The Legend of Zelda: Ado's Tale was a midquel set between Mystic Beginnings and The Sun King. Ado was a key contributor to Link's success in the saga. Now this fanseries sort of act as a sequel to Ado's Tale and sequel after the Mystic Saga.

In the fanseries, Ado will head back to his hometown deep in Hyrule is Fade Hills. As Ado attempts to resettle his life. His long lost mother returns to stir things up. And when Saris, Zacchian's brother, tries to get revenge for what Ado did. Ado decides to protect his hometown. But when Saris stuns Ado and forces Ado to do tasks for him. And it will lead Ado to crazy adventures throughout Hyrule. In the fanseries, Link, Princess Zelda, and Ganondorf could be mentioned.

Ado's Tale will start sometime Fall 2015 on Tal TV.



  • The second Brad Awesome story will be entitled: "Brad Awesome and the Midnight Herd".
  • Another big reveal---The networking project that was rumored as Project Crimson is now named Notus. Notus is a tablet device that will have a store/library system, which is known as TalixPrime. Under Notus while using TalixPrime, it will allow the user to play and interact with past, current, and future TalixArts projects from games to shows to movies. It will also host other studio projects. More info regarding Notus will be coming soon.


Thank You!!

Thanks for seeing this year's TalixCon. This concludes TalixCon 2014. As this studio wraps up this event, here are some teases for next year's...



That and more when TalixCon 2015 comes May 2015.

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