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Welcome to TalixCon 2014 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

It is the third annual announcement event for TalixArts. It will showcase several new games and much more. This year's event will be split into two days.

Day One

Game reveals


Maven 5: Lynx-Crossed

The first game revealed will be the eighth entry in the Maven the Lynx series, and its the sequel to the Harbinger trilogy storyline first started in Maven the Lynx 4.

Lynx-Crossed will bring back Maven and Circuit along with their newest ally, Jasper, as they embark on a impossible quest to find out the truth of what really happened to Maven's parents and learn more about Maven's past. Maven 5 will introduce brand new lynx characters, yet some could be helpful allies or unexpected enemies. No matter what, Maven is going to find the answers he has been looking for even if he has to get down and dirty to do it.

The game will bring back the co-op story mode and multiplayer mode. Also will introduce brand new weapons Maven will enjoy. Plus a brand new...just wait. There will be more info in the upcoming months. Lynx-Crossed will be released for the Wii U for November 2015.


Zelda Nurule

The Legend of Zelda: Nurule Guardian

The second game revealed will be the newest entry in the Zelda series. The Mystic Saga brought a fresh reboot to the Zelda world in TalixArts' vision. Now Nurule Guardian will start a brand new saga that will test Link to all new limits.

In the game, an ancient evil will reawaken. Hyrule castle is destroyed. A war-torn, young-adult Link is set on a mass adventure along with his horse, Epona, to find and stop the mysterious Nurule Guardian, who yields a new that can turn red and black...before all of Hyrule is destroyed. More will be revealed soon

Nurule Guardian will be released for the Wii U for a December 2015 release.



Super Mario Future 2

The third game revealed will be the sequel to Super Mario Future. In Future 2, Mario has to go back to Neo Mushroom Kingdom where his future counterpart is missing in action. And Mario must filled in Future Mario's shoes when, Future Bowser has a new plan set in motion to control Neo Mushroom Kingdom. And in order to make his plan successful, Future Bowser uses Future Wario and Future Waluigi to abduct people...including Queen Peach, and her daughter Princess Lime. Mario is set out in a adventure along with Rowdy.

During the game, Mario will transform back to Cyborg Mario and as well control a M-Hovercraft. New worlds will be revealed. And then there's...Mecha Bowser...there's going to be a mini-game, Cyborg Mario vs. Mecha Bowser added into the game. There will be more new reveals in the future--no pun intended. Super Mario Future 2 will be out for the Nintendo Silver in June 2015.


Pokemon tres

Pokémon Tre!

The fourth game revealed will be the sequel to Pokémon Uno! and Dos!. In Tre!, this version will be different than Uno! and Dos! according to story. In the story, your male/female trainer will have to rescue Sue (male's girlfriend/female's BFF), who has been kidnapped by Team Drago. In order to rescue her, Team Drago forces you to find Triagon, the Legendary Pokemon of Dualities. Triagon also can split into two different beings (one side that manipulates fate and the other that manipulates desire). The player must find and collect Triagon while also collecting the gym badges as hope to save Sue and stop Team Drago.

Most of the gameplay from the Uno! and Dos! versions like the three-Pokemon duel, tag elimination duel, and unique "special finisher power up" will all return. There will be more. Tre! will come out March 2015 for the Nintendo 3DS.


New info for already released/revealed games

Maven the Lynx 4

  • There are new character moves: Circuit (has the ability to cloak himself for a few minutes); Nevam (has the ability to use shadows and combine into a energy blast); Tyi (has the ability to use conjuring spells and summon objects); Daisy (has the ability to become more agile than before); Jasper (has the ability to jump very fast); Vela (has the ability to increase her endurance and speed to attack).
  • A new mode for the game will be known as Skillshot Challenge. In this mode, the player uses any character from the gallery and must create a unique skill, or go against another player's chosen-character skill. The best skill wins. The winner will unlock new skills, and those skills can be used for the next match. Up to five can play at the same time. There is a time-limit.
  • A new character revealed for the game is Lori the Lynx. She will appear some point in the game's story mode. And she could have a huge impact for Maven 5.

Pokémon Uno! and Dos!

  • More gameplay exclusives include a revamped mulitplayer mode and a seasonal change (adjusting the seasons: rain, snow, windy, or very hot); the player can adjust the seasonal setting to any of those changes and see how the pokemon, trainers, and the environment adapt to each season. You can even have a pokemon battle in those seasons making it unique.


Day Two

CLICK HERE for Day Two of this year's TalixCon

Will reveal movies, fanfics, and other surprises for the TalixArts-owned studios, TalixCon Jr., TalixArts World, and Tal TV.



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