TalixArts newlogo2
Type of Company Video game company
Founder(s) Talix (tbc)
Founded at/in 2008
Owner(s) Talix (tbc)
No. of Employee(s) TBA
Subsidiaries TalixJr. Studios

TalixArts is a company founded in 2008 by Talix. Maven the Lynx is currently the mascot/face of the company.


I am welcoming anyone to be part of TalixArts. It is a fun and great experience, and you can do so much more. Want to join to create a future game, update/edit current games, or give creative ideas talk here.

Talix - Founder, President Come aboard

TalixArts what


MAY 2018


TalixArts games

Maven the Lynx series

Mario games

The Legend of Zelda games

Mystic saga

New era

Pokémon games

Sonic games

Brad Awesome series

Sonic & Maven series

Need for Speed series

Dark Rising series

Other games

TalixArts ex

TJStudios logo

TalixJr. Studios

TalixJr. Studios is the re-branded TalixArts Jr. where it centers strictly on fanfilms.

TWorld logo


TalixWorld formerly TalixArts World will focus TalixArts-owned characters in fan fiction and as well crossovers with Nintendo canon and Fantendo canon.

Cubevix logo
Notus logo


Cubevix is a streaming network where any Fannade games, series, and movies can be featured. (Any studio can join and send their works). Notus is a TalixArts platform device that can host any Fantendo game and as well host the Cubevix service.

TalixArts con

  • TalixCon 2012 was the first-ever announcement event for TalixArts.
  • TalixCon 2013 was the second annual announcement event scheduled for July 2013.
  • TalixCon 2014 was the third annual announcement event scheduled for July 2014.
  • TalixCon 2015 was the fourth annual announcement event scheduled for May 2015.
  • TalixCon 2016 was the fifth annual announcement event scheduled for July 2016.
  • TalixCon 2017 is the sixth annual announcement event scheduled for July 2017.
  • TalixCon' 18 is the planned seventh annual announcement event scheduled for August 2018.