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Tales of the Heroes X: Somnium Nexu
Tales of the Heroes X Somnium Nexu
Key artwork
Developer(s) tri-Crescendo,
Koei Tecmo,
Existence Software
Publisher(s) Bandai Namco Studios
Platform(s) PlayStation Vita,
PlayStation 4
Genre(s) Action,
Beat 'em Up
Release Date(s)
PlayStation Vita:

Worldwide: Q1 2017

PlayStation 4:
Japan: Q4 2017
North America: Q1 2018 Europe: Q1 2018

1-2 Players simultaneous
Age Rating(s)
ESRB: E10+ for Everyone 10 and older
GRB: 12
BBFC: 12

Tales of the Heroes Cross: Somnium Nexu (Japanese: テイルズオブザヒーローズ : 骨折ドリーム Teiruzu Obuza Hīrōzu: Kossetsu Dorīmu), stylized as Tales of the Heroes X: Somnium Nexu, is an escort title (spin-off) of Bandai Namco's Tales franchise of video games. The game uses the gameplay of Koei Tecmo's Warriors franchise, and builds off the gameplay of 2012's Japan-only title Tales of the Heroes: Twin Brave for the PlayStation Portable. Somnium Nexu is considered a spiritual successor to the aforementioned title, as it does not continue the story set up in the previous title.

Similar to several of Koei Tecmo's other Warriors collaboration titles, Somnium Nexu brings characters and locations from various Tales entries into the game. Among these characters are, as shown in the key artwork shown during the game's reveal, Lloyd Irving (Tales of Symphonia; bottom left), Yuri Lowell (Tales of Vesperia; top left), Kor Meteor (Tales of Hearts; top right), Ruca Milda (Tales of Innocence; centre), and Jude Mathis (Tales of Xillia; bottom right). Though no original characters appear in the game, characters that originated in escort titles do.

The game was developed primarily by tri-Crescendo, Koei Tecmo, and Existence Software, with development being overseen and assisted by a small team of Bandai Namco developers that had worked previously on Tales titles. Motoi Sakuraba returns as the main composer for the game.

The game features both Japanese and English voice acting in every version of the game.



Tales of the Heroes X: Somnium Nexu is an action beat 'em up game based upon Koei Tecmo's long-running Warriors titles. Unlike mothership Tales titles, Somnium Nexu has players battling hoards of enemy creatures at once, as opposed to small groups seen in other titles. In order to combat enemies, players must use various combo attacks in ways not unlike those used to utilize artes in the Linear Motion Battle System found in the Tales titles. Every character has a unique weapon (or weapons, in some cases), each with its own set of combo attacks.

Tales of the Heroes attack chart

As shown in the above diagram, there are two major types of attacks. There are standard attacks, activated by pressing PlayStation button - Square, and more powerful "strong attacks" that can be be activated by pressing PlayStation button - Triangle instead. Standard attacks do little damage, but can be chained together for combos, while the strong attacks end combos with more powerful artes.

Defeating enemies (or collecting Power Pellets) fills up the Special Arte gauge. Once filled completely, pressing PlayStation button - Circle allows the player to unleash an incredibly strong attack known as a Special Arte. Special Artes deal more damage than strong attacks, and usually cover an extended range. However, there exists a fourth attack that can be activated through the Fury Gauge. Upon filling the Fury Gauge completely, pressing the left bumper button (or L1 on the PlayStation 4 version) allows the player to activate Fury Mode. In Fury Mode, the character's attacks and movements are quickened for a short duration of time, with every attack dealing 2x its normal damage output. After the Fury Gauge fully drains, the character will activate an attack known as a Furious Arte, though pressing PlayStation button - Circle any time during the duration of Fury Mode can also activate a slightly weakened variant of this attack. The Fury Gauge is filled by doing combos, with the amount filled being determined by the longevity of the combo.

Another big part of the attacking process is the ability to lock on to enemies. Larger enemies with more health, or other Warriors, can be locked-on to. While locked-on to an enemy, the camera will rotate around so the player is always capable of seeing that enemy. In the PlayStation Vita version, this can be activated by pressing either of the touch sensors on the back of the handheld, while on the PlayStation 4 version it is activated by pressing R1.


While attacking enemies is a large part of the gameplay, being defensive is also important as to conserve health so one is not defeated. Holding the right bumper button (or either L2 or R2 on the PlayStation 4 version) puts the player character into a defensive stance, which lowers the amount of damage taken as long as the guard is not broken by stronger attacks.

Pressing PlayStation button - X at any point allows the player to dodge in any direction, which, if timed correctly, can be used to fully avoid taking damage from attacks. Holding PlayStation button - X simultaneously with a direction on the control stick also forces the character into a sprint. While sprinting through large hoards of weaker enemies, the chances of being attacked by weaker enemies are decreased, as their attack animations are usually slow enough to miss the player.


The main objective of most scenarios is to capture specific keeps while defeating enemies. Keeps are small, square rooms scattered around the battlefield that continually spawn enemies for the army that controls it. Defeating enough enemies within a keep (displayed through a bar placed underneath the small map) will release the boss of the keep, which, upon defeat, will render the keep to the army that defeated them.


Playable Warriors

Game Representation
Tales of Symphonia 05
Tales of Xillia 2 05
Tales of Destiny 2 04
Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World 04
Tales of the Abyss 03
Tales of Destiny 03
Tales of Graces 03
Tales of Vesperia 03
Tales of Zestiria 03
Tales of Berseria 02
Tales of Eternia 02
Tales of Hearts 02
Tales of Innocence 02
Tales of Legendia 02
Tales of Phantasia 02
Tales of Rebirth 02
Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology 3 02
Tales of Xillia 02
Tales of the Tempest 01
Tales of the World: Narikiri Dungeon 2 01
Total 53

There are at least two playable warriors per every mothership Tales title. While this alone brings the roster to 32 warriors, an additional four warriors from three different escort titles are also playable, bringing the total to 36. The PlayStation 4 version included an additional five warriors at launch, which were later released as downloadable content for the PlayStation Vita version.

Spoilers for various Tales titles may be included in the table below.
Character Description
Ruca Status (ToVS)
Ruca Milda
Tales of Innocence
Ruca Milda is the son of a wealthy merchant, and a hard-working honour student. Despite being generally shy and often bullied by his peers, Ruca is actually the reincarnation of half of the god Asras, the general of the Sensus army.

In battle, Ruca wields a broadsword that is about as long as Ruca is tall. Ruca's Artes are all based around fire, and his first strong attack increases his attack power through the use of Coil.

Illia Status (ToVS)
Illia Animi
Tales of Innocence
Cress Cut-in (ToX2)
Cress Albane
Tales of Phantasia
Dhaos Status (ToVS)
Tales of Phantasia
Kor Status (ToVS)
Kor Meteor
Tales of Hearts
Kohaku Status (ToVS)
Kohaku Hearts
Tales of Hearts
Milla Maxwell Status (ToX)
Milla Maxwell
Tales of Xillia
Jude Mathis Status (ToX)
Jude Mathis
Tales of Xillia
Stahn Status (ToVS)
Stahn Aileron
Tales of Destiny
Philia Status (ToVS)
Philia Felice
Tales of Destiny
Farah Status (ToVS)
Farah Oersted
Tales of Eternia
Reid (ToE PSX)
Reid Hershel
Tales of Eternia
Lloyd Status (ToVS)
Lloyd Irving
Tales of Symphonia
Lloyd Irving was a simple country boy that lived alongside his adopted father Dirk in a small town known as Iselia. Though not a part of the prophecy that surrounds the Chosen of Regeneration, he aids her on her journey simply due to her being one of his closest friends.

In Somnium Nexu, Lloyd is a very quick attacker, who deals out damage through his two swords that he uses simultaneously. Like in Tales of Symphonia, Lloyd does not deal as much damage as many other characters, but his incredible speed allows him to deal out multiple hits quickly. Some of his Strong Attack Artes include Tempest, Blazing Tempest, Sonic Thrust, and Demon Fang.

Colette Status (ToVS)
Colette Brunel
Tales of Symphonia
Kyle Status (ToVS)
Kyle Dunamis
Tales of Destiny 2
Nanaly Status (ToVS)
Nanaly Fletcher
Tales of Destiny 2
Yuri Status (ToVS)
Yuri Lowell
Tales of Vesperia
Judith Status (ToVS)
Tales of Vesperia
Veigue Cut-in (ToG)
Veigue Lungberg
Tales of Rebirth
Eugene Status (ToVS)
Eugene Gallardo
Tales of Rebirth
Senel Status (ToVS)
Senel Coolidge
Tales of Legendia
Norma (ToL)
Norma Beatty
Tales of Legendia
Luke Status (ToVS)
Luke fon Fabre
Tales of the Abyss
Tear Status (ToVS)
Tear Grants
Tales of the Abyss
Sorey Status (ToZ) 3
Tales of Zestiria
Mikleo Status (ToZ)
Tales of Zestiria
Asbel Cut-in (ToG)
Asbel Lhant
Tales of Graces
Pascal Cut-in (ToG)
Tales of Graces
Ludger Will Kresnik
Tales of Xillia 2
Tumblr nbrrh3czzV1tyuin7o1 500
Julius Will Kresnik
Tales of Xillia 2
Velvet Crowe (ToB)
Velvet Crowe
Tales of Berseria
Laphicet (ToB)
Tales of Berseria
Emil Status (DotNW)
Emil Castagnier
Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World
Marta Status (DotNW)
Marta Lualdi
Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World
Caius Status (ToVS)
Caius Qualls
Tales of the Tempest
A half-Leymon pre-teen from a remote town in Areulla, Caius Qualls lived peacefully with his foster father until his village was destroyed by a creature known as the Spot.

As a half-Leymon, he is able to partially transform into a beast. He uses this ability in many of his strong attacks and in Fury Mode. Normally, however, he attacks with a sword, utilizing Artes such as Rising Falcon and Hell Rush.

Julio Sven (TotW-ND3)
Julio Sven
Tales of the World: Narikiri Dungeon 2

Additional Warriors

These warriors were included in the base of the PlayStation 4 version, and were later released as DLC for the PlayStation Vita priced at $2.25 each or $10 for all of them together.

Spoilers for various Tales titles may be included in the table below.
Character Description
Kratos Status (ToVS)
Kratos Aurion
Tales of Symphonia
Harold Status (ToVS)
Harold Berselius
Tales of Destiny 2
Jade Status (ToVS)
Jade Curtiss
Tales of the Abyss
Edna Status (ToZ)
Tales of Zestiria
Muzet Status (ToX2)
Tales of Xillia 2

Originally, the following warriors were bosses within the game. After the release of the PlayStation 4 version, an update was released to include these six warriors as playable. The PlayStation Vita version saw only the release of Mithos Yggdrasill (Tales of Symphonia) as free downloadable content.

Spoilers for various Tales titles may be included in the table below.
Character Description
Mithos Yggdrasill (ToS)
Mithos Yggdrasill
Tales of Symphonia
Chronos (ToX2)
Tales of Xillia 2
Richter Status (ToVS)
Richter Abend
Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World
Aqua (ToSDotNW)
Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World
Barbatos Status (ToVS)
Barbatos Goetia
Tales of Destiny 2
Lazaris (TotWRM3)
Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology 3

Later, this character, whom was originally planned to be included in the base game but was cut due to time constraints, was released as part of a free update.

Spoilers for various Tales titles may be included in the table below.
Character Description
Fractured Milla Status (ToX2)
Fractured Milla
Tales of Xillia 2

Finally, five final characters were released exclusively on the PlayStation 4 version as paid downloadable content. Like those that were paid DLC for the Vita version, it costs $2 for one, and $10 for all of them in a single package.

Spoilers for various Tales titles may be included in the table below.
Character Description
Kanonno (TotWRM3)
Kanonno Grassvalley
Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology 3
Leon Status (ToVS)
Leon Magnus
Tales of Destiny
Presea Status (ToVS)
Presea Combatir
Tales of Symphonia
Rita Status (ToVS)
Rita Mordio
Tales of Vesperia
Sophie Cut-in (ToG)
Tales of Graces


Main Story

Fractured Story

Fractured Story is a set of two downloadable missions that take place in a Fractured Dimension simultaneous to the main story. The Fractured Story explains how Fractured Milla encounters the rest of the warriors.


Weapons play an important role in Somnium Nexu. As with mothership titles in the Tales series, the weapon chosen to be used by a character changes the attacks the player is able to use with that character. While most playable characters only have one weapon, and hence one moveset, others are more diverse and are able to wield multiple different weapon types. Regardless, all weapons have four tiers, with the maximum attack power a certain weapon can have increasing over every tier. All weapons are subjugated into various elemental classes, of which there are six. These elemental classes have slight variations on the damage output.

Weapons are also capable of holding slots. Slots allow weapons to have additional properties, such as changing the elemental class of a weapon, to increasing the amount of Gald earned by defeating enemies. Weapon drops can randomly include combinations of filled and unfilled slots, which can be modified in the Smithy. One can modify slots by moving certain properties to another weapon, or filling an empty slot through purchasing Lens (fragments of a comet from Tales of Destiny and its direct sequel). Lens will randomly fill an empty slot on a chosen weapon once purchased.

Lilium Orb

Returning from Tales of Xillia, the Lilium Orb serves as a major point in the gameplay. In Tales of Xillia, it is said that the Lilium Orbs give Humans the ability to fight monsters due to the ore it is made up of, and can link up two fighters' abilities to maximize their strength. Both of these are true in Somnium Nexu as well. Utilizing Gald, players are able to purchase special Growth Points to enhance a warrior's capabilities.

The different statuses of a single warrior can be upgraded through purchasing the Growth Points. Every status can be upgraded a total of three times, which can be done so by defeating monsters as the character in question.

Ability Description
Sprint Slightly increases the running and sprint speed of a warrior. At level three, it also allows them to dodge faster.
Attack Slightly increases the damage dealt by a warrior's attacks. At level three, it also slightly increases the speed at which the warrior attacks.
Shield Slightly decreases the amount of damage taken when shielding. At level three, it also increases the amount of damage that can be taken before a shield is broken.
Special Increases the number of Special Arte gauges by one. At level three, it also shortens them, so they are easier to fill.
Fury Slightly increases the amount of the Fury Gauge that is filled when doing combos. At level three, it also shortens it a fair bit, so it is easier to fill.
Healing Increases the amount of health regained once a Gel has been collected on the battlefield. At level three, it will also slightly decrease the amount of damage taken by enemies when not shielding.

Additionally, players can purchase special ores that can increase the warrior's defensive capabilities against certain elements. Unlike the abilities that can be enhanced through defeating monsters, the elemental defence ores can be enhanced by shielding against monsters' attacks. Only one elemental defence can be equipped at once, though these can be equipped and unequipped at the beginning of any scenario.

Alternate Outfits

See also: List of costumes in Tales of the Heroes X.

A recurring ability in the Tales series is the ability to customize the appearance of party members through unlockable costumes. This returns Somnium Nexu, with every playable character having two unlockable alternate outfits. Several more alternate costumes have been released as downloadable content, and feature sponsored content basing costumes off characters from various third-party anime or video game series.

For characters that came in the base games, their alternate outifts can be unlocked by completing Adventure Mode challenges, with some exceptions. For the downloadable characters or characters released in updates, their alternate outfits are available at default. The sole exception to this is Fractured Milla, whom was released alongside two bonus story scenarios that yield her's.



  • In an homage to the Pac-Man franchise, Power Pellets can be found in chests to completely fill a character's Special Arte gauge. Collecting it plays the same sound effect as in Pac-Man when a pellet is eaten.
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