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Terra - Esper - WalkMog - WalkRelm - Walk

Terra malheur

List of Soundtrack from Tales of Phantasia II: The 17 Years.

Other Soundtrack

"Minds Shackled"
Plays in Boss Battles Talesofphantasiaiithe17years logo
"The Battle for Life"
Plays in the Final Battle with the Creator. Talesofphantasiaiithe17years logo
"Blinded by Light"
Plays in Random Battles Talesofphantasiaiithe17years logo

Theme Songs

"Power of your Heart"
Prisya's Theme Stella Loussier03
"Mysterious Girl Theme "
Mysterious Girl's Theme Mysteriousgirl
"The Promise "
Mint's Theme Mint in the Animation
"Arche Theme"
Arche's Theme Arche in the Animation
"Hero of Eternity"
Cress' Theme Cress in the Animation


"Last Impression"
Ending Theme Topii17yrs
"Kimi Ga Iru Kara"
Opening Theme Topii17yrs

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