Game Script of the game, Tales of Phantasia II: The 17 Years.


Mint's Pregnancy

Cress: Mint, are you alright?

Mint: I am well, Cress.

Cress: Then what....

Chester: Cress, is she alright?

Cress: Yes, she's fine, or she will be in about nine months.

Claus: You serious?!

Arche: Congrats Cress!

Chester: Another miracle after another...

Suzu: Does that mean Cress is gonna be a Dad?

Chester: You should think of names!

Cress: Names???

Birth of Prisya

Villagers: Cress!

Cress: Yes?

Villagers: Your wife got into labor.

Cress: Let's go to the village now.

Cress: Thank you, Mint.

Mint: Heh.

Chester: Yo, Whaddup?

Cress: Chester, would you be her godfather? And perhaps you could name her.

Chester: Yes, and i'll name her... Prisya.

Cress: Prisya... What a great name.

17 years later....

Prisya: Father, did you call for me?

Cress: Yes, by the way, How's you're mother?

Prisya: She is fine. Can i got to the South Forest all by myself?

Cress: No... It's dangerous.

Prisya: But i-

Cress: Prisya, I lost your Grandfather and Grandmother, I don't want to lose you're mother, even you.

Prisya: Hmph!

Cress: Prisya, No!

Attacked by Five Boars

Prisya: Five boars? Easy!

Five boars: ..........

Prisya: ! - Father, Father was right!

Cress: Stay away from her!

Prisya: Father!

Cress: What did i tell you of running away?!

Prisya: I was going to inspect the impact site of a meteor that struck in the west!

Cress: .......... Never mind that, Prisya. Let's go se you're mother.


Way back to Toltus

Mint: Cress, something's approaching!

Cress: Prisya, Mint, take refuge.

Unknown Creature: Here's a trashing!

Cress: Ngh!

Mint: Cress!

Prisya: Father! Mother... Let's help him....

Mint: Yes.

Unknown Creature: Grrr....

Wake up!

Mint: Here.... Take my Rod and Book. And blow their heads...

Chester: Ugh.... Okay???

Arche, Claus and Suzu: Uhh....

Chester: Wake up, you fool!

Cress: Ow! Mint, i'm sleeping!

Chester: Wake up you're daughter with you're wife's book.

Cress: Ummm....Okay.

Cress: Wake up, Daughter of mine!

Prisya: Oww!!! Father, that hurts!!!

Cress' Death

Karono: You can't seal me, Creator!

Creator: Yes i can, Czarinas!

Karono: (screaming) AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Czarina: Where should i hide the Jewel, My Lord?

Creator: A secret place where nobody knows.

Creator: I have the power... The power of life and death... Mars Uldole, I have a quest for you!

Mars (Revived): What is it you seek?

Creator: Kill Miguel's son, Cress.

Mars: As you wish...

Prisya: Mother, Have you been scared of the spoon?

Mint: Shut up.

Mars: (laughs)

Prisya: Who are you?!

Cress: Grr...

Mars: Ah... Miguel's son, Meryl's Daughter and a little girl. Pathetic.

Prisya: Ouch! father....alone!

Mars: So your his daughter... Pleasing... (stabs Cress)

Prisya: NOOO!!!

Mars: Yes, What you say.


Arche: So sad about that, right Prisya? Umm... Prisya?

(Flashback of 7 year old Prisya)

Prisya (10 years ago): May i have that knife?

Cress: No.

Mint: Cress, let her.

Cress: Ugh! Fine...

(Flashback cutoff)

Arche: Prisya?

Prisya (Present Time): Man am i still 7?

Arche: ....Weird....

Recruiting Kaimi Klein

Arche: Kaimi!

Kaimi: Yes?

Arche: Can you Help us?

Kaimi: With what?

Arche: Fighting a God, who ask a man to kill my friend.

Kaimi: I am so sorry i can't.

Arche: Pretty Please?

Kaimi: Fine.

Final Battle

Mysterious Girl: Stop right there!

Prisya: Why?

(After the battle)

Prisya: Where's the jewel that sealed the Goddess? Answer me!

Mysterious Girl: Fine! Defeat my master, The Creator and the jewel with appear and unseal the goddess itself.

Mint: Thank you.

Creator: You will never unseal Goddess Karono. You will fail!

Prisya: No we cannot!

Creator: Really? Undine!!

Mint: This is freezing me!

Prisya: I can't feel heat!

Cress' Spirit: Prisya, Mint... Claus, Summon Eefreet.

Claus: That voice, Cress?

Efreet (summoned by Claus): Undine, Stop it!

Prisya: Ifrit?

Undine: Why would i?

Creator: Enough! Watch and learn how a god fights!

(after the battle)

(Jewel appears and unseals Karono.)

Karono: Thank you warriors, as a reward i will revive every dead person with their everything except darkness in their hearts.

Mint and Prisya: Dead person? Wait... Cress!

(Every dead person is revived, Including Ami, Miguel, Maria and Cress)

Optional Cutscenes


Chester: I remember this place, where Arche's cooking is terrible.

Arche: Shush!

Chester: I mean it, seriously, terrible Cooking...

Arche: Grr...

Cress: Whoa, Whoa, Whoa.... Calm down...

Prisya: Come on guys! I wanna taste.

Arche: At least someone wants it.

Arche: Tada! My recipe again.

Mint: Have you remembered everything i thought you 17 years ago?

Arche: .... No, Throw it out! Throw it out! Throw it out!!

(Arche's recipe has been throwned out!)

Prisya: I ate 3 sandwiches, and i'm still hungry.

Arche: Whatever!


Impresario: That woman...

Mint: Me?

Impresario: Yes you... You look like Ashe...

Mint: I don't know who is Ashe but ok.

Impresario: And the man over there, Draco.

Cress: It's fine... No.

Impresario: Please.

Cress: Fine...

Impersario: And i need few of your friends as well.

Cress: I don't memorized my lines.

Chester: You're just shy.

Mint: I don't memorized my lines.

Prisya: Stuff it.

Impersario: The battle between the West and the East was growing more fierce day by day. On the battleground during a furious skirmish, the soldier Draco of the Western castle Garou thinks of Maria, whom he left in his homeland...

Draco (Cress): Oh, Ashe Oh, Ashe Is my voice reaching To where you are?

Impresario: The West was defeated, and Maria's castle came under Eastern control. Maria, forced into marriage by the Eastern Prince Ralse, does not abandon her feelings for Draco, but thinks of her lover each night as she watches the skies...

Ashe (Mint): My beloved, are you going to a distant place? And we just pledged eternal love...
Through sad times and hard times, I'll think of that shooting star as you.
Do I have to exchange vows with one I don't love? What shall I do? I'm waiting for your words...

Ashe (Mint): And I thank you, my beloved, For my feelings may have swayed,
But oh so gently, and so kindly, you answered me I'll wait for you forevermore...

Chancellor (Claus): Prince Ralse is searching. For his dance partner. Please resign yourself to this. We've become a dependency of the East, after all...

Draco (Cress): Ashe!

Ashe (Mint): Draco! I knew you would return to me, my love!

Ralse (Chester): Insolent rogue! Knave of the Western Horde! Would you address my Queen-to-be, Maria?

Draco (Cress): Never shall you have Maria's Hand! I would die before that day comes!

Ralse (Chester): Then we duel!

Prisya: Whaaaat?

Arche: (laughs silently)

Prisya: Whas so funny?

Arche: (still laughing silently)

Mysterious Girl: How cute! (Starts bomb)

Prisya: Is that? Bomb?!

Suzu: Oh my!

Arche: Not the Bomb!

Prisya: Let's go save them!

(after battle and stoping the bomb)

Prisya: Sorry Impresario, we saw a bomb near Ashe.

Impresario: Thank you and curse you.

Hot Springs

Arche: I remember this place... This is when Chester was revealed to be a Pervert.

Chester: Shut up!

Prisya: Not too hot... Ahh... I feel nice...

Arche: Don't feel naughty.

Mint: Wow Prisya. You're more gorgeous than me.

Prisya: What??? Mother!

Mint: Sorry dear...

Chester: Have you heard that?

Cress: Chester! Don't even think of perverting my Daughter!

Chester: Just one tiny peek.

Cress: Chester, NOO!!!

Prisya: ....Ugh, NO! (Punches Chester on the face)

Chester: (Walk backwards and splashes on the water.

Cress: Told you so.

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