Opening: World's End



Hans and his mother Nora are on a ten day vacation in the seaside town of Bodhum to see the annual fireworks show. His father, Andrew, is due to join them, but calls at the last minute to cancel much to Hans' relief. On the sixth day, they visit Euride Gorge but with the heavy security and buzz still circulating about the incident four days prior, they return to Bodhum. Two days later at the fireworks festival, Hans laughs at his mother's belief in the wish-making tradition, since he believes it is for children. He is disappointed his mother wished for his father to be with them next year, saying they are better off without him.

"What do you wanna do with just ten days?" Hans asked his mother.

"I want to wish on the fireworks..." Nora answered.

"Mom... You still believe in that kind of stuff? Wishing on fireworks? Really? That's for little kids." Hans laughed and laughed.

"Who are you calling a kid?" Nora asked.

The cellphone rung and rung. It was Andrew Hangyaku, former member of Guardian Corpse Bodhum Security Regiment. "Nora, Hans... I wish i could join you, but i need to send a letter to Siegel's eldest daughter, Meia." and Nora asked, "Why?" ... "Because remember when she and the Guardian Corpse Bodhum Security Regiment members Invaded Majesty Kingdom. I need to Stop her!"

Return to Kafran

Unknown to the both of them, PSICOM discovers the Kafran fal'suren, Anima, within the Bodhum Vestige that night and Hans and Nora are caught within the town's subsequent quarantine. The Sanctum announces the Purge, the forced relocation of everyone in town to Kafran. As they wait in line for the Purge train in Bodhum Station, a frantic Nora begs with PSICOM that Hans be allowed to return home, willing to stay behind and be Purged herself but her pleas fall on deaf ears.

"PSICOM has dicovered something... Kafran Rasuren Anima!" Andrew gasped. "What about it?" Hans asked...

"...Return to Kafran!"  Andrew commanded

"Why?" Nora asked

"Just go on the Purge train!" Andrew again commanded

Nora begs PSICOM that Hans is allowed to return home...

"PSICOM, you must take Hans home." She commanded

"Why?" They asked


Meeting Camille

Hans and Nora board the Purge train accompanied by Camille, a young woman they befriended in line. As Hans already known her, but she changed.

"Hans!" Camille was surprised.

"Camille, daughter of Mariemaia Vi, Huh?" Nora asked.

"Yes, that's me." Camille answered.

Hans noticed how she changed... She wanted to rule the world, but now helps stop Marianne to kill.

"Siegel Williams' daughter, Meia Williams invaded Majesty Kingdom! We need to stop her!" Camille shouted

"My father is sending her a message." Hans answered to calm Camille down.

"That's a relief, maybe the plan will work." Camille sighed in relief.

Ending: Affection

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