Opening: World's End


Keturah El (Majesty el Keturah) was born to King El and Queen Katrina El (Majesty el Katrina) of the Majesty Kingdom on April 7, AC 180, the best friend of Camille Vi (Majesty vi Camille). King El was a great admirer of the colonial leader Horee Yuy, who advocated total pacifism as a way to stop the wars between nations.

However, this lead to the downfall of the kingdom when the Guardian Corpse Bodhum Security Regiment invaded Majesty Kingdom, slaughtering the royal family. Keturah, only a baby at the time, was saved by a local politician loyal to the family who fled the invasion. That man, Vice-Minister Mr. Hangyaku, adopted Keturah and he and his wife raised her as their own daughter with Hans as her Adopted little brother when she was 6.

Keturah's birth/Invasion of Guardian Corpse

"Well... she could be a great rule, if she grows up." Queen Katrina said. "I know, Katrina..." King El answered. And then...

The Guardian Corpse Bodhum Security Regiment invaded Majesty Kingdom... "Meia Williams, daughter of Chairman Siegel Williams, what have you done?" King El asked, but Marianne continued to fight with Amodar and the others, "It's Marianne, Marianne Williams!" and still continues to fight and fight... At last they won, but where's Princess Keturah? She was safe...

Adopted by Hangyaku

"Who is this?" Nora Hangyaku asked. "This is Majesty Kingdom's princess, Keturah, I saved her when the Guardian Corpse Bodhum Security Regiment invaded the Kingdom." Andrew answered.

6 years later...

A boy named Hans Hangyaku is born and Andrew asked Keturah, "Keturah, did you like it here?" and Keturah asnwered, "Yeah, but they're all gone, my mother, my father.. all of them." she looked forlorn when she said that.

Ending: Affection

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