Opening: World's End


Camille's birth

Camille Vi (Majesty vi Camille) was born to her parents and was supposed to have died young, but was groomed by her grandmother, Hanna Vi (Majesty vi Hanna), who's used Camille by making her granddaughter think that she is following the will of her mother: Mariemaia Vi (Majesty vi Mariemaia), Chancellor of Majesty. If Operation Cocoon went as planned, the young girl would be ruler of Earth, as stated by her uncle, though, in fact, she would be a puppet ruler. But with The Warriors' betrayal, the conquest had to wait until the Earth thought of peace.

"She is supposed to die!" Hanna shouted, but, "She is my daughter! We shouldn't kill her!" Mariemaia replied angrily, but Hanna had thought of a plan... to kill both Mariemaia and the child...

"We shouldn't betray the child!" said Marianne. "But we should, sergeant! She's a puppet!" Soldiers answered. Marianne knew what they meant: Camille is a good person, used by her evil grandmother. But if she wasn't dead, she'll continue to be used as a puppet so her gandmother could rule.

17 years ago

Camille kidnapped Vice-Foreign Minister Hans Hangyaku, so there would be no opposition to the Vi family's rule over the Earth. The occupation of Earth was quick with no resistance and victory seemed assured, when a number of insurgents, including the Warriors tried to stand up. Camille felt that their efforts would soon be exhausted, until the populace stands up and Wing Zero destroys the shelter. Hanna urges her to take up her rightful place as ruler of Earth, but Hans slaps sense into her, literally, as Hans reasons with her about her true purposes and responsibilities in her life. When Hanna tries to kill Hans with his pistol, Camille interposes herself between the two, and takes the bullet for Hans (thus saving his life), as she's become mortally wounded, much to Hans' shock and surprise. Hanna then gets executed by one of his subordinates for his own high treason. Her aunt, Une Vi (Majesty vi Une) soon has her rushed to medical attention. Soon afterwards she makes a full recovery, and is adopted by and placed in Une's custody.

"Is this his best?!" said Hanna, "So he can't even defeat William's daughter... Meia..." Camille laughed quietly. "Greetings, i'm Marianne Williams! If you call me Meia, you're wrong!" Marianne shouted to the TV screen. Camille, embarassed, said, "You'll see! I'll rule the world!". "Is something wrong, Camille?! All the mistakes you've made, and all the wrongs you've done, clean them up as i won't forgive you if you did one more." Hans slapped sense into her. "You frustrated her! Now die!" Hanna shoot the pistol but Camille takes the bullet for Hans, as she's become mortally wounded, much to Hans' shock and surprise.

"Camille, Camille? Camille can you hear me?" a voice asked, it was Camille's aunt, Une Vi. "Where am i?" Camille also asked....

Released from Hospital

Une asked Camille, "Camille?". "Yes?" Camille also asked, "Do you like to be my daughter? You're Parents have died, but let's visit them after this." Camille hesitately answered, "Certainly."


Ending: Affection

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