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Tales of Freedom
Tales of Freedom Logo
Platform(s) Wii U

Xbox One

Release Date(s)
March 9, 2017
Single player
Age Rating(s)
CERO:Ages 12 and up


Genre(s) Role-playing game
Series The Tales
Tales of Freedom is the seventeenth installment in the The Tales main series, and is to be released on the Wii U and Xbox One.

The game was released in Japan on March 9, 2017 . A traditional Chinese version for Wii U was released in May 27, 2017. Tales of Freedomis the first The Tales game translated into traditional Chinese. A sequel titled Tales of Freedom II released on December 15th, 2018, a second sequel, Marianne's Return: Tales of Freedom III, was announced on September 1st, 2019, and released in 2020, and a third sequel, Warriors of Adrammelech: Tales of Freedom was announced on 2020 and released in 2021.

Playable Characters

  • Marianne Williams (マリアンヌ·ウィリアムズ, Marian'nu· U~Iriamuzu) - The main protagonist. Marianne was a member of the Guardian Corpse in Kafran before her life came crashing down when her sister Char became a Kafran Rasuren. Regretting her refusal to believe Char, Marianne volunteers to be Purged with the intention of saving her, only to be made a Rasuren like her. She is an agile fighter who makes use of a variety of whips, the Queen's Whip among them.
  • Majesty el Keturah (陛下エル'ケトラ, Heiku eruketora, Heku el Ketura) - A young and spirited girl with a mysterious past who carries a heavy burden the others are initially unaware of. Getting through the events of the Purge, she tags along with Hans and finds herself wrapped up in the events leading to her joining the others. She acts as the narrator of the story and can be considered a deuteragonist. Her weapon of choice is called the Binding Rod.
  • Hans Hangyaku (ハンス'反逆, Hansu hangyaku) - A young boy who, along with his mother, is part of the group of exiles onboard the Purge train. During an unsuccessful resistance effort by Guardian Corpse, his mother dies in the conflict. Blaming Marianne for his mother's death, Hans follow her but ends up becoming a Rasuren and being forced to work with him and the others as he waits for his chance to get revenge. He wields boomerangs in battle.
  • Yvonne Izayoi (イヴォンヌ'十六夜, Ivu~on'nu izayoi) - A wild-looking woman with a large tattoo on one arm and a scorched mark of the Rasuren on the other. She first appears with Cid and the Cavalry with the intention of capturing Marianne in Lake Bresha. However, she has a more complicated agenda, as she searches for a long-lost friend and aims to complete her Focus. Spears are her weapon of choice.
  • Horee Yuy (ヒイロ・ユイ Horii Yui) - The boy who is given the codename Horee Yuy is of Japanese descent, a complicated character. His cold, stoic demeanor seems more fitting for a battle hardened veteran than a fifteen-year-old boy.
  • Majesty vi Camille (陛下viのカミーユ, Heika vi kamīyu, Heku vi Kamile) - The friend of Keturah and daughter of Majesty vi Mariemaia, daughter of Majesty vi Marie and sister of Majesty vi Maia. She grew up to be the leader of the Vi Foundation and the supposed head of a new world order.


Paradigm Shift

The player can only control one character at a time in battle. The other party members' actions can be affected by a system called the "Paradigm Shift".

Paradigms are described as "stances" or "classes" that the characters temporarily take during battle to define the abilities they use. They are more strict than job classes; for example, the character with a Medic's role can do nothing but heal, while the Commando's role forces the character to only attack with non-elemental attacks.

The paradigms can be changed at any time to suit the situation at hand, but they cannot be changed individually to each character, only for the whole party at a time. Thus, a paradigm is a combination of three roles. There are a total of 83 possible paradigm combinations (6 single, 21 double, and 56 triple member combinations). The roles used are shown as colored abbreviations next to the characters' names in the battle screen.

The roles within the paradigms are:

English Japanese Description
Commando (COM) Attacker (ATK) Build attack chains more easily with enhanced strength.
Ravager (RAV) Blaster (BLA) Charge enemy chain gauges with concentrated attacks.
Setinel (SET) Defender (DEF) Shield allies from enemy attacks.
Saboteur (SAB) Jammer (JAM) Enfeeble enemies while charging their chain gauges.
Synergist (SYN) Enchancer (ENH) Support allies with an array of magical enhancements.
Medic (MED) Healer (HLR) Focus on restoring HP and removing status ailments.


Summons, now as Eidolons, linked with the powers of the Rasuren. Playable Eidolons include the Sylph, Chameleon, Eefreet, and three new summons, Shiva, Siren and Bahamut.

The playable Eidolons have been given mechanical designs and the power to change their shape. The Eidolons are used both as a gameplay feature and as plot devices in cutscenes. Each character has one Eidolon, and Eidolons replace the other party members besides the summoner when called.

Eidolons are summoned by the use of Technical Points (TP), which are won after battles. Instead of HP, Eidolons use "Summon Points" (SP) to indicate their health, but SP also decreases over time. Once SP is depleted, the Eidolon will disappear, and the other party members will return. Each Rasuren must win the "approval" of their respective Eidolon by defeating them in combat.

Character Eidolon Gained
Marianne Williams Bahamut

Fought in the Eternal Ruins

Majesty el Keturah Shiva

Fought in Shiva's Castle

Majesty vi Camille Siren Fought in Siren's Graveyard
Horee Yuy Eefreet Fought in Fire Library
Yvonne Izayoi Sylph Fought in Sylph Cave
Hans Hangyaku Chameleon Fought in Tree of Life


Kafran has several points marked Rashen Stones, where the party may acquire missions. It involves battling one of the many monsters around Kafran. They are not part of the main story, but players can experience Foci of past Rasuren who failed to complete their assignments, and thus their targets are still alive. It is up to the player whether to defeat the specified enemy, some of which have been compared by the staff to mountains towering above the party e.g.: Adamantoises.

By completing these tasks, the party can gain materials and items to improve their equipment. Replaying these missions is essentially a requirement for those seeking to attain all Achievements or Trophies for the game, as one of these requires a 5-Star battle rating earned for all missions.


Each character has eight unique base weapons, most of which can be found during the course of the game, and all of which can be purchased at Retail Network stores. The base weapons can be upgraded to a unique second stage, and eventually to its third and ultimate stage. The third stage of all the weapons of a particular character share a common name, but have differing stats and abilities depending upon which weapon it was upgraded from.

All characters can equip all accessories. Each character can initially equip one accessory at a time, but this capacity can be increased to up to four through upgrades obtained in the characters' Crystaria.

In addition to the basic enhancements provided by weapons and accessories, when a character equips weapons and accessories that belong to the same "synthesis" group (a hidden property), the character can gain additional passive enhancements (such as increased ATB gauge recharge rate).

The basic enhancements weapons and accessories grant to characters can also increase as the items are leveled up through the application of organic and synthetic components. When a weapon or accessory has reached its maximum level (★), it can be transformed with a stone ore catalyst into a higher stage of the same class of equipment that can then continue to be leveled up for higher bonuses, although there are some accessories that transform into an item of a completely different synthesis group.