Tales of Characters - Season 1
Producer(s) Awesome Inc.
Distributor(s) Awesome Inc.
Broadcaster(s) Channel 7
Genre(s) Video Games
Opening Theme Episode 1
Ending Theme Episode 11
Original Language English
Season(s) Season 1
Episodes 11
Runtime 30 Minutes
Status Cancelled

Tales of Characters is a TV shows created by Awesome Inc. about Video Game Character, Season 1 has 11 episodes until it was cancelled


1. Tales of Characters - Mario

2. Tales Of Characters II - Luigi

3. Tales Of Characters III - Sonic The Hedghog

4. Tales Of Characters IV - Tails Miles

5. Tales Of Character V - Pac-man

6. Tales Of Characters VI - Donkey Kong

7. Tales Of Characters VII - Diddy Kong

8. Tales Of Characters VIII - Dixie Kong

9. Tales Of Characters IX - Bowser

10. Tales Of Characters X - Princess Peach

11 (FINAL). Tales Of Characters XI - Little Mac

12 (CANCELLED). Tales Of Characters XII - Princess Daisy

13 (CANCELLED). Tales Of Characters XIII - Wario & Waluigi



-Trailer Guy


-Daily Game Express


After it premiered it's 10th episode, it announced the next episode would be the final episode due to low ratings

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