Tales of Animal Crossing: Episode 1
Developer(s) Luna Studios
Publisher(s) Nin
Platform(s) Nintendo 3DS
Release Date(s)
25px-Flag of Japan December 5, 2012

25px-Flag of USA Early 2013

Single Player

Multiplayer Online Play

Age Rating(s)
ESRB: T- for teen

PEGI: 10+

Genre(s) MMORPG


Media Included 3DS Game Card

AR Cards

Tales of Animal Crossing: Episode 1 Is an upcoming game developed by Fantendo and published by Nintendo (Fan-made).


It's gameplay differs from other Animal Crossing game. although it was classified as a medieval tye of Animal Crossing. But, the gameplay resembles somewhat of a MMORPG, albeit with the online and multiplayer parts of the game. Players accept quests from bulletin boards near guilds in the town. Completing the quests will award the player with bells and other needs. Upon reaching a certain number of completed quests, the player will unlocked a "Scenario Quest" that involves the story. In the game it is confirmed that the player can create a character. that is fully customizable along with the other characters like Cerulean and Vanille. When obtaining armor it has two ways: reward from a certain quest or simply buy one using bells. The game also allows the player to craft and upgrade items like potions, medicine, food, armor and weapons. The battle system in the game allows the camera to view the character's back and front when using a special skill. each character has a sub-weapon or "relief weapon" for the character's disadvantages. The player-created character has a job-class that begins with "Peasant", it doesn't have a weapon or a single skill, later on in the game the character can change his or her job with the selected basic jobs, later on in the game the character's job can be change with it's stronger upgrade.

Beginning Classes

Swordsman- A class that specializes in fencing, uses a sword. (Can be upraded to Dualist or Knight)

Archer- People who are trained in archery who can attack in long range distance. (Can be upgraded to Gunsman).

Mage- A gifted person with magical powers who are trained to use their magic in combat. (Can be upgraded to Battle Magician).

Healer- People who use holy magic that can heal their teammates and use powerful a Holy Magic called "Exodus".(Can be upgraded to Bishop or Paladin)

Fighter- Martial artists who fight with their bare hands. (can be upgraded to Champion or Monk)

Thief- A fast and agile class, uses a dagger in combat. (Can be upgraded to Assassin)

Dancer- An agile and elegant fighter who wields chakrams. (Can be upgraded to Starlet)

Elite Classes

Knight- A skillful class that wields Swords, Spears, Axes and Hammers.

Duelist- Class that wields two swords, increases speed and accuracy.

Gunsman- a class that wields two guns, A female gunsman is called a Gunslinger.

Battle Magician- A class that specializes in offensive magic.

Bishop- A class that specilizes in elemental magic and Exodus technique.

Paladin- A class that specializes in Exodus and combat with a sword and shield.

Doctor- A class that masters the art of healing and medical items. They can use any normal weapons like swords, stvaes, bow sets etc.

Starlet- An exceptional class that was discovered by the stars. They use a Star Staff to use Star-like moves and uses a power called Melodia, this lets them fight with a rhythm.

Monk- A class that uses fighting moves and Exodus technique.

Assassin- An exceptional class that specializes in stealth and fast attacks. They attack from behind or by surprise.

Special Classes

Alchemist- A class that makes potions and elixirs. Uses a pot in battle. Unlocked when leveling your mixing skills to 5.

Chef- A class that cooks. Uses a Ladle or a knife. Unlocked when leveling your cooking skill to 5.

Caliber- A class that combines the power of magic and strength. Unlocked when defeating Patch.

Wizard- A class that masters in the art of magic. Unlocked after defeating Natalia.

Tamer- A class that is friendly to monsters. They summon monsters for battle, their weapon is a book called a "Friend Book", how powerful the monsters depends on how the book is powerful. Unlocked after being defeated by a weak monster.

Medic- A class that only focuses on healing and has no offensive skills, wields a basket with herbs and medical potions. (can be upgraded to Doctor)

Pharmacist- A person that makes potions and liquids from herbs and magic vapors. Has no use at combat, but can increase the Mixing level. (can be upgraded to Alchemist)


The menu can be accessed by pressing Start button. The feature gives the player a guide to the game, it is also the place where the diary is located. It shows your current currency of bells, your party and their health. The Menu consists of:

Inventory- Lets you file through your items. They are arranged by catalog, each catalog can hold up to 620 items.

Equip- It is where you equip your armor, weapon and skills.

Map- It is used when you want directions, new areas can be found in the map once you unlock them.

Archives- It is where the story can be read. It also has additional features.

Options- Lets you change the settings.

Diary- Lets you save.

Character Creation

Character Creation involves picking a hairstyle, skin color, class, hair color, face, eye color, and winning animation.

You can also create another character in the save file in the inn.

The created character's preview is at the top screen, while your options is at the bottom screen.


A new feature, Cooking introduces an interactive procedure in making delicious recipes that heals the team. Before cooking, players must collect ingredients needed for the recipe. They can either find it on monsters or buy it on the market. The game has a wide menu of recipes from simple to cuisine.

Many real-life and made-up recipes are included like:

  • Eggs and Bacon
  • Yellow Egg
  • Breakfast Ham
  • Grilled Cheese
  • Chicken Legs
  • Chicharon
  • Cheezy Pasta
  • Noodles

And many more


The story centers around the old country of Camelia. On the capital city Muskat. A young muskateer named Patch lived happily until Hian the son of the late Lunatic, started to rule the country. Patch ran away and found Vanille a fortune teller from the family of Fortuna and an orphan (You). They team up to defeat Hian. They found Cerulean a cub who was raised by a vampire when she was an orphan. Later on they were caught by Hian and were imprisoned. They escaped after a hard struggle and manage to defeat Hian. After their victory the you sense a great dark force and collapse. And you were separated from Vanille and Patch. You and Cerulean wake up in a ship and Cerulean explained what happened. And you were found by a sheep named Ignis. Ignis gaved a tour to the two heroes and introduced them to other inhabitants of the ship. The two start to do quests for the townspeople of Aqua Citadel, until they found a route to Portmeantu. The two told the ship's captain about the town's danger and they started they quest to save the town. They struggled in a fight at the town's mansion, only to find out that at the end of the house was a dark hole that leads to Peter. Peter summoned his new student, as the player and his/her team fought the student. Cerulean went on to Peter for a battle that will save the town. After the student's defeat, the player and his or her team catch up on Cerulean and they fought together to save the town. After Peter's death, the dark force lured the player back to Muskat and found Patch and Vanille. Patch and Vanille unknowingly, mistaken the pair for bandits(Due to the cause that Hian's defeat was a long time ago and they forgotten about Cerulean). Patch and Vanille attacked the pair and lose. And the two learned about their time in the guild and decided to join their quest. One day Vanille feels that her master has arrived in a nearby town and requests that the ship should sail there. So they travel to Vidal in hopes tofind Vanille's master. Once they arrived in Vidal, the Muskateers guarded the city. Once they saw Patch, Koda, their leader, dispatch his best men to kill Patch. His best men failed, and Koda has no choice but to kill Patch himself. Losing to his companion, Koda realized that Hian was just tricking him before, and he joined the quest and gain Patch's trust again. When they traveled in Vidal the crew met Natalia, a wizard who seeks the orb Okult. When Ignis heard about Natalia's powers to relieve Amnesia. She requests Natalia to cure her, so they went to the apothecary. Later, cerulean came rushing to Kaptain that two of the crew memebers are missing, namely Ignis and Vanille. The player eavesdropping on their converastion set out for a quest alone without telling any of the crew members. Before the player set out for his/her quest he/she heard Natalia said that Ignis went north from Vidal. So the player went to the north, until he/she saw Cerulean also setting out finding Ignis and Vanille. Cerulean notices the player and the player explains to her about his/her quest. So Cerulean tags along, and the two went to the town north of Vidal, Edima. When they arrived, the townspeople were scattered, Cerulean asked one and they replied a pink ewe is attacking the town. When they arrived in the scene, Ignis is seen rampaging the buildings of Edima. So the two battled Ignis(This battle is 3 parts, which means you fight Ignis 3 times). After the battle, Ignis regained her senses and explained her memories to the pair. She explained that her family escaped a mysterious fire in her town, she was left in the town because there were many people blocking her way. After the fire, she was the only one left in the town, while the others evacuated. So she began her quest on finding her family, while she was on her quest she met the crew of Aqua-Den. She decided to stay with them, while staying in the ship, she trained in combat and magic. In hopes to find the person who destroyed her town. When they learned her sad memories, they hugged her and consulted her tht everything's gonna be alright. So the three went back to the Aqua-Den ship, that was in the nearby port. When the crew learned of Ignis' memories, the encourage her to be happy. Until, a sudden earthquake struck Edima. Natalia quickly arrived and warned the crew that Vanille is in Philia. The crew hurried and set sail to Philia, Natalia warned the crew that the town is corrupted with drkness and chaos. When they arrived, many monsters blocked their path. As they struggle to go to Vanille, they saw a lare crystal with Vanille inside. The player and his team went to the crystal and fought it. After the battle, the crystal broked and out came Vanille with dark wings. The player battled her(This battle has 5 parts). After the battle, Vanille explained that her coat was cursed. Because that coat is cursed with Lunatic's soul, anything or anyone cursed with his soul is destined to be pure evil. So they burn the coat and celebrated, this marks the end of the game.



Character Description Titles
The Protagonist is an orphan who was raised by an old turtle, And was found by Patch and Vanille. After Hian's defeat the Protagnist and Cerulean were separated from Patch and Vanille. And they meet Ignis in a ship.

Titles are special names for the Protagonist. The titles affect the game by activating special effects in the game, like a low chance of monsters.

Orphan- has no effect.

Hero- Increases friendship and always be accepted.

Original Characters

These are the characters that were orginially created by the developers.

Character Description


Patch Patch

Patch is a muskateer from Muskat, He ran away from Muskat as an act to disobey Hian, he met Vanille and The Protagonist. He was separated with Cerulean and the Hero. He is currently traveling with Vanille. He is a Caliber with a high attack power but has a problem with defense. His sub-weapon is a Sword and Shield.

Basic Skills

Holy Thrust-Patch stabs the opponent with a sword with the power of the Exodus.

Knot Twist- Patch twists the opponent and throws them.

Patch Up- Patch boosts the party's attack and defense a little.

Cerulean Cerulean Cerulean is a cub who was raised by Peter a vampire hiding his true identity. On her 14th birthday, She was attacked by Peter after he learn she's not a vampire. She wears a locket that can activate Victoria's hidden power. She is a Caliber with a boost of speed, she is very dangerous in combat due to her agility, although she lacks in range. Her sub-weapon is a bow and arrow.

Basic Skills

Blossom Impact- Cerulean summons a tailwind of cherry blossoms to follow the target. The blossoms saps the HP of the target. The effect will last for 15 seconds.

White Sand- Cerulean summons a small wind of sand to distract the target. Making their defense a little lower.

Fall- A huge storm of red leaves scatter around the area and Cerulean rounds them and makes them attack the opponent


Is a fortune teller who is from the family of Fortuna. She was hunted because her family hides the key to the light. She split the Key to 3 pieces and gave the handle parts to two siblings that were separated from birth and the shaft to herself. She has a deep horrifying secret that can shock everyone. She is a Caliber, she wields a set of cards that summons blades and spells. She has an average to her stats. She has no sub-weapon.

Basic Skills

Shuffle- Vanille teleports to random places and summons a phere that absorbs the opponent's life to where she teleports.

Fortuna Card- Vanille sets a card on where she stands and temporarilly steps out of battle. When the opponent steps on the card a large explosion will occur. (Note: not recommended for solo battles)

Soar- Vanille flies and leaves healing feathers on her teammates.

Ignis Ignisrender

Is an ewe with no memory of her history. She only remembers her name and hometown. She is currently riding on the ship Aqua-Den. She is a Caliber who wields a broadsword. She get's more sluggish in combat when wielding a more powerful broadsword. Her sub-weapon is a dagger.

Basic Skills

Blossoming Strike- Ignis summons a whirlwind of cherry blossoms, leaving the targets slightly damaged.

Ignis Kick- Ignis powerfully kicks the target off the ground.

Oblivion Spark- She strikes her weapon in the ground releasing numerous swords homing to the target.

Koda Koda Is the captain of the muskateers, he is also a good friend to Patch. After Patch's escape, Hian told him he was evil. He felt betrayed and started the hunt for the key pieces. He will be a boss in the game. He is a Caliber who wields a sword and shield. TBA
NataliaNatalia. Natalia is a wizard who mastered who mastered the arts of magic. She searches for an orb called Okult, It is a powerful magic orb that has a power to create a world. Her mission is to destroy the orb and defeat it's holder, The dark force. Natalia is a balance fighter and has no sub-weapon. But she equips a spell book. She is a Wizard.

Basic Skills

Fireball- Natalia summons a fireball that damages the target

Ice Capture- Natalia shoots a bolt of ice that freezes the target temporarilly.

Meteor- Natalia summons numerous meteors upon the battlefield.

Victoria Victoriacat Is a dancer that came from the town Vidal, she studied in the Vidal Music Academy. But she was kicked out due to some issues. She is a vampire, her true powers can only be triggered when she wears Cerulean's locket. You can easily tell the normal and the vampire Victoria for their eyes, Normal Victoria's eyes are black while vampire Victoria's eyes are red. She lacks in attack, so her sub-weapon is a broadsword

Basic Skills

Rosy Field- Victoria is surrounded by a small field of roses, whoever steps on them gets absorbed throughout the battle.

Cartwheel- Victoria cartwheels around the battlefield increasing her speed and hitting all that comes in her way.

Flare- Victoria transforms into a vampire and turns the battlefield into a field of fire. Leaving all who are in the battlefied damaged whenever they step.

Elise She is a princess who ran away from her kingdom to complete a 500 year-old mission tht was never completed by her kingdom. Her goal is to complete that mission and bring honor to her family. She wields a bow and arrow in combat and is very low in defense, her sub-weapon is a shield.

Basic Skills

Sharp Shoot-Elise shoots an arrow that will never miss.

Sudden Raid- Elise shoots out numerous arrows attacking the targets many times.

Colossal Rain- Elise shoots out a crowd of arrows to the sky and lands on the battlefield.

Seagal Is a healer from Vidal, He accompanies the Aqua-Den crew to be in the First-Aid group. He is very high in defense and Attack, but is weak in Vitality. he wields a staff and his sub-weapon is a Pot.

Basic Skills

Holy Bless- He heals a teammate with a little HP.

Anti-Attack- He temporarilly prevents the target to use some of his/her skills.

Exodus Blades- Summons a horde of blades to stab the target.

Kirsten Is a fighter that hails from East Camelia, he fights with gauntlets, has a balanced status and is very powerful and quick. He was sent by the Order of the East to kill Elise, until he changed his ways when he found out the Order was possessed. He is a werewolf, the enemy of the Vampires. But Victoria calls him a comrade and friend.

Basic Skills

Howl-Kirsten turns into a werewolf and howls, this boosts te party's attack and defense.

Claw Strike-Kirsten scratches the target multiple times.

Swallow Punch- Kirsten punches the target and sends them flying away.

Sally Is an alchemist. She has in hand a very rare recipe. This recipe is thought to be the sphere that can defeat darkness. But it can only be used once, so she has to hold it for awhile. she wields a pot in combat and is sluggish. So her sub-wepon is a dagger.

Basic Skills

Mix- Sally steals numerous items from the target and mixes them, a random healing item will appear.

Poison Fog- Sally drops a chemical that sends out a poisonous fog that poisons the target.

Bomb Drop- Sally drops a bomb that covers an area in the battlefield.



Is the captain of Aqua-Den he is also the guildmaster of the ship's guild. He has sailed the seas for sixty years.


Is the Innkeeper of the inn of Aqua Citadel. She transferred her business and turn it into a hotel in the ship.


Is a scholar doctor who collects fossil, he has a sister named Ada who is a playable character. He runs the Clinic in the ship.

Ten and Shu

Are the nephews of Vanille's mentor, Ten has a girlfriend while Shu is single. They run the store in the ship.

Master Tanuki

Is the master of Calibers and fortunes, he makes money out of leaves and is Vanille's master. He assists the guild as their trainer for hard missions that they will face. Once you talk to him he will give sage advice and they will be saved in the Archives. he is in-charge of the bank, Ten and Shu's shop, and the Tanuki Housing which you can use in your house in the hometown.

Winnie and Queen

are two sisters who run the armor and weapons shop. Winnie handles the armor while Queen handles the weapons.


Is a hairstylist who will cut your hair.


These towns are checkpoints for needs like quests, purchase and health. Towns have an inn, clinic, guild, and a market.

Town Description



The first town you'll visit, it is also the protagonist's hometown.

Portmeantue Town


It is a port town where Peter's mansion resides and where Patch and his group trains. This town is now a ruin after Cerulean's escape.

Aqua Citadel

Aqua citadel

Is a city underwater, their residers use an air generator to breathe. It is where Aqua-Den's captain grew up. The inn is located above the town, Shizu's ancestor runs the inn. Regular Doctors and Shopkeepers are present. The town has a guild.
Vidal Is a bustling kingdom filled with magic and alchemy, it is also the source of all the magic potions around Camelia. Regular Doctors are present. It is Master Tanuki and his nephew's homeland and their main branch is located there.

The kingdom of War and Courage, they use combat as their defense and offense. It has regular doctors and regular shopkeepers.

Philia Is the last town in the game, the place is full of darkness and chaos.

Online Play

Players can play online in Spotpass Kingdom. In Spotpass Kingdom, players can import their character from the main storyline or they can create they're own. Imported and newly-created characters have a starting level of 0. Maximum level of this time is 75. Also in Spotpass Kingdom, you can:

  • PvP: Battle players and discover friends.
  • Exploration: Explore the dungeons in the story and get treasure as you dig deeper.
  • Park: Communicate with players online and get a chance to win prizes in the lotto.
  • Festival: An enjoyable version of the park, has rides and game booths. On halloween, the festival has a horror booth. Inside the horror booth is were you battle bosses you battled, only stronger and bigger. At the end you will earn a random prize in the halloween set.
  • Mall: Is the place where you buy everything you need.
  • Characters: Where you manage your characters.
  • Mission: Is where you accept missions for money and needs for free.
  • Diary: Is where you'll exit Online Mode.

There are also pets and tournaments in the Spotpass Kingdom, Pets have a one special attack, but they are very useful as last resort.

Tournaments, on the other hand, are a vital part of the mode. Unofficial or Official tournaments are held in the mode. Unofficial tournaments are held by the players while official tournaments are held by the admins.

Other characters such as Cerulean, Patch and Vanille are required to be unlock.

the Spotpass Kingdom will have numerous characters, including Story-exclusive characters, Online Mode characters, and also special characters like Mario, Bluebear, Tom Nook etc.


03 - Dark Side

The game's theme song

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