Tales from Nintendo

Tales from Nintendo is a animated variety show created by PabloDePablo and DarkPlanetPictures about Tabuu watching the misadventures of heroes in the Nintendo Animated Universe.

Instead of featuring highlight series such as The Animated Adventures of Link, Animated Adventures of Mario or Metroid: The Animated Series. It features smalled Nintendo franchises such as F-Zero, Fire Emblem, Donkey Kong, Ice Climbers, Bayonetta and Pikmin. It also features Third-Party characters from companies such as SEGA, Capcom, Konami and Square Enix.

The show, unlike other Nintendo Animated Universe series, doesn't have a writer, but instead has Animated Adventures of Link creator, DPP (Depp) writing the pilot episode but won't write the entire series.


The show is about Tabuu watching the day to day actions of the Nintendo Animated Universe heroes in an attempt to study them for the next Smash Bros. Tournament. As he views there actions, he also learns more and more about their origins and backstories.


On April 21st, 2013, Pablo approched Nintendo Animated Universe and AAOL creator Depp (DarkPlanetPictures) about making a show that could add more characters. DPP was interested and so production on the series began. The series would not only include Nintendo characters, but also Third-Party characters and franchises, franchises metioned to be included are Metal Gear Solid, Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts and Chibi-Robo. It'd also include informmericals between segments, while DPP was writing the pilot, the entire series would not be written by him and would be written by someone else. People mentioned/considered for such a task were YoshiEgg, Brochi and Elise.


Currently, only one episode is being written.



  1. PabloDePablo is also the creator of one of the Pokemon series for The Nintendo Animated Universe.
  2. The show is named after 'Tales from the Crypt' in which a Crypt Keeper told haunting stories in a similar fasion as TFN.
  3. The show is similar to The Twilight Zone and Tales from the Crypt but takes much inspiriation from Twilight Zone.
  4. None of the mainstream characters (i.e. Mario, Link, Samus, Fox and Pokemon) are seen in the series as they already have there own series in the NAU.

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