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  • Last time on Kirby and Pokemon... Tiff, Kirby and the others helped a herd of helpless Growlithes back to their Arcanine. Now the next question is ask by Kirby. When will they get to the next gym? We're about to find out!
  • (Theme Song Plays)
  • He's Kirby Kirby Kirby Kirby!
  • Kirby in a world of Pokemon, and that is to see.
  • Kirby on a little land of Pikachu, that's all that we need to view.
  • K-I-R-B-Y Kirby!
  • King Dedede: He won't get away with this you will see. For I'll will get him, just you wait!
  • K-I-R-B-Y!
  • Kirby of the Stars is here and things will all be fine.
  • Thank you Kirby!
  • Thank you Kirby!
  • K-I-R-B-Y!
  • K-I-R-B-Y!
  • Tiff (voice): Kirby and Pokemon!
  • (Episode Title Arrives)
  • Takin' Flight With Meta Knight.
  • (Episode Begins)
  • Tuff: Alright Blastoise. Hydro Pump!
  • Kirby: Charizard, dodge!
  • (Charizard dodges Hydro Pump)
  • Tiff: Kirby that's great!
  • Kirby: Really? Thanks.
  • ???: That is what I need Kirby.
  • Kirby: Huh?
  • (The Halberd arrives in front of the heroes)
  • Tuff: Oh great. What does Meta Knight want now?
  • Meta Knight: I need you to hop on board.
  • Tiff: Why would we do that after doing us harm last time we met.
  • (Pidgeot arrives and holds a sword at them)
  • Pidgeot: Jerks, he said hop on board!
  • All 3: Eep!
  • (The three zoom on board)
  • Kirby: So what is it Meta Knight?
  • Meta Knight: It's what you can do for me.
  • Tiff: Okay, but make it quick. We were training Kirby's Pokémon for his next gym battle.
  • Meta Knight: That's exactly why I dragged you here.
  • Kirby: Huh?
  • Meta Knight: You see, after I was send off the last time we met. I heard a meeting by King Dedede, Waddle Dee, and their Pokémon.
  • (Flashback to a meeting by King Dedede)
  • King Dedede: I bet you all know why I call you all here.
  • Waddle Dee: I don't...
  • King Dedede: SHUT UP WADDLE DEE! Now, what is our main enemy?
  • (Pokémon noises are heard)
  • King Dedede: Make a note saying, "Why don't our Pokémon talk much but Kirby's does."
  • Waddle Dee: Already on it.
  • Arbok: How about this master. To you know the evil team of Kanto?
  • King Dedede: There's an evil team in Kanto?
  • Weezing: Yeah he's talking about Team Rocket.
  • King Dedede: Team Who?
  • Arbok: Not Who, Rocket. And if I'm correct the 5th gym leader is on Team Rocket.
  • Waddle Dee: Really? Is his special type dangerous?
  • Weezing: Just as dangerous as ours, Poison Type.
  • Arbok: Aren't we poison types?
  • Weezing: Oh yeah...
  • King Dedede: Yeah, makes sense...
  • Meta Knight: "gasp" Oh No!
  • (Flashback ends)
  • Kirby: So let me guess, you need us to defeat Dedede?
  • Meta Knight: Uh... yeah?
  • Kirby: Okay than. Guys, let's do this!
  • Tiff and Tuff: Yeah!
  • Meta Knight: Now you got it!
  • Subtitles: Two Hours Later...
  • (The Halberd flies over a gym shaped battlefield)
  • Kirby: Is it too late to change our minds?
  • Meta Knight: NO! (Kicks Kirby out of the plane, screaming. Then he looks at Tiff and Tuff)
  • Tuff: Uh... there's no need to do that. (Grabs Tiff) COME ON COWARD! (Jumps out of the plane)
  • (Kirby lands not harmed)
  • Kirby: Ha, not a scratch on me!
  • (Tiff and Tuff lands on him)
  • Kirby: OW!
  • (Cutouts of Dedede and Dee's Pokémon pop out. Kirby, Tiff and Tuff send their Pokémon and they use the best attack. Just then, Meta Knight sends out a cutout of a ninja trainer and the three are confused.)
  • Kirby: Meta Knight, why is this here?
  • Meta Knight: This is gym leader, Koga. He's who you're facing Kirby!
  • Tuff: Gah! More spoilers! I'm sick of it!
  • Meta Knight: Anyway, look behind you. (Pulls lever)
  • (A cardboard cutout of Waddle Dee and King Dedede pop up. All Pokémon of the three heroes attack at the same time. sending it flying to the sky)
  • Meta Knight: Woah!
  • (When the smoke clears, the three heroes stand before him, unharmed.
  • Kirby: Impressed?
  • Meta Knight: Am I? You guys are ready.
  • (Kirby, Tiff and Tuff cheer. But then an airship flies above them that look likes King Dedede's head)
  • Meta Knight: It's Dedede!
  • Tuff: What do we do?
  • Kirby: It seems like it landing into that weird looking building.
  • Meta Knight: Oh man, that's Team Rocket HQ!
  • Tiff: Maybe we'll find some clues about the gym leaders.
  • Kirby: It's worth a shot!
  • Meta Knight: I'm coming too. I haven't had any Team Rocket action either.
  • Kirby: Well then, let's go!
  • (The Halberd heads towards the Team Rocket HQ)
  • "If not as if a stroke of luck, Meta Knight has joined Kirby and his friends for now. Now the team not only have to worry about their future gym battle but King Dedede too. But what is he even planning in all that? Tune in next time for the next exciting episode of Kirby and Pokemon"

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