Take to the Sky
Developer(s) L-PF Studios
Publisher(s) Fantendo
Platform(s) 3rd Person Perspective
Release Date(s)
Age Rating(s)
T for Teen
Genre(s) RPG
 Take to the Sky is a new game by L-PF



This game features Tilt Controls, and Motion Controls for Wii U Game Pad, or Wii Remote.

Multiple Levels of Gameplay

In this game, Gameplay switches between 3rd Person Perspctive in the sky to 1-4 Player Fights

Strength in Numbers

In this game, The Armour of Winglous gives your character the ability to summon a different clone of himself with different abilities, The more you progress in game, the more clones you can summon at a time.


The story begins with an airfols named Skyminn. Skyminn is in training to become a great sky warrior, but the base is attacked on his first day of training. The mysterious invaders kidnap Skyminn, and take the Legendary Armour of Winglous. Skyminn wakes up in a cage guarded by two big sleeping Hog-Like creatures. Skyminn was desperite to get out, so he tried to let out a flame to scare them off, but to his suprise, he released a large blast of wind from his mouth! The guards were blown away, and plunged into the endless ocean of clouds. After the guards were vanquished, Skyminn discovered a map of the skies with marks on a few locations. Skyminn then took the Armour of Winglous, and headed out to the skies to find out what each mark is for!

The Skyminn Army

The Armour of Winglous gives Skyminn the ability to clone himself, each clone has a different ability


Image Skyminn
Skyminn Skyminn
Skyminn (1) Water Skyminn
Copy of Skyminn Plant Skyminn
Copy (2) of Skyminn Snow Skyminn
Copy (3) of Skyminn Dark Skyminn
Copy (4) of Skyminn Flame Skyminn
Copy (5) of Skyminn Sun Skyminn
Copy (6) of Skyminn Magic Skyminn
Copy (7) of Skyminn Bullet Skyminn
Copy (8) of Skyminn Fierce Mega Skyminn

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