Takashi Nohara
Date of Birth June 17
Zodiac Sign Gemini
Gender Male
Species Nynten All-Star/Human
Location Hoshiko Town
Current Status Alive
Class Hero

Takashi Nohara is a 14-year old boy who is the main protagonist of the Nyntendo M saga.

Takashi is able to transform into Nyntendo M .


Takashi is a lanky teenager who is approximately 5,7.He wears a bright red shirt with a star decal on it,white pants and black converses,A rouge colored vest and a navy blue bandana.He also has short black hair and two red and white colored wrist bands.


Takashi is a very kind-hearted boy who only wishes for the safety of his own friends and family.Takashi sometimes has a bit of a temper however.


  • Bethany PaTello - She is the best friend of Takashi Nohara. Bethany is a free-spirited young lady that doesnt take things for granted.She is the holder of "Nin-Key Card" L,which makes her able to turn into Nyntendo L
  • Mark Miller - Best Friend to Takashi Nohara. Mark is the jock of the group and tends to do things without thinking.While his other friends like to bully people,He sticks around to make sure that the person that they bullied was okay. He is the holder of "Nin-Key Card" K,which turns him into Nyntendo K
  • Daisuke Tokushima (Formerly 16-bit) -  The former enemy of Nyntendo M,he was originally sent out to destroy Nyntendo M, along with his younger brother 8-bit.But after realize that Takashi had done nothing wrong and that he was sent out to kill him with no purpose,he vowed to help Takashi to defeat his evil father,N-64.He is the holder of Nin-Key Card P,which Transforms him into Nyntendo P