Note: this page talks about this character in Super Smash Bros. Devastation.


Takamaru in SSBDevastation

Takamaru moves like rook and bishop! He debuted in Mysterious Musarame Castle, in 1986, so he's fought in the second level of the All-Star Mode.

How to unlock

  • Win 160 VS matches.
  • Complete Target Test with all the other characters (except King K. Rool, Petey Piranha, Excitebiker and Mewtwo) with an average time of 30 seconds.

You must defeat Takamaru in Final Destination with Mysterious Musarame Medley song in.


Takamaru is a surprising fast character with great agility: both his ground and air speed are among the best. Takamaru is a quite defensive character too: in fact is standard special, Katana Deflect, acts like a reflector and inflicts also a little damage in melees. Takamaru however, has serious troubles in KOing opponents because his attacks are strong enough but have very low knockback.

  • Weight: 4/10
  • Speed: 7/10
  • Jump: 7/10
  • Throws: 2/10

Special moves

  • Standard: Katana Deflect. Takamaru's main move. It acts like a reflector with 1.2x damage and 2.0x speed added to the deflected projectile. This move also inflicts 3% of damage in its melee hitbox and a good, set knockback. This move can KO if used near the blast lines. Customization: Katana Absorb/Katana Attack.
  • Side: Windmill Swords. Takamaru throws a knife in front of him. This move inflicts 3% of damage but it's fast and, if used in the air, throws a knife in front of him, backwards, upwards and downwards. Customization: Paralyzing Sword/Heavy Swords.
  • Up: Cloak. Takamaru teleports himself into a cape. This move has quite bad range but it's very fast. Customization: Horizontal Cloak/Cloak and Dagger.
  • Down: Invisibility Technique. Takamaru turns invisible for up to 5 seconds. The player must be smart because Takamaru is invisible for him too. Takamaru can't be seen but he inflicts 0.7x damage and, if hit, loses his power for 13 seconds and suffers 1.8x damage. Customization: Explosive Technique/Safe Invisibility.
  • Final Smash: Inazuma Lighting. Takamaru shouts "INAZUMA LIGHTING!" and calls a great thunder in front of him. This move has a great vertical range but awful horizontal one (it hits only in front of Takamaru). However, this move inflicts 72% of damage and is always an OHKO.

Technical facts

  • Air dodge: Melee
  • Wavedash: yes
  • Traction: high
  • Taunt: inspires.
  • Entrance: becomes visible.
  • Weight value: 82


  • Developer said that Takamaru was made fast and agile because, in shogi, rook and knight are very mobile pieces. Takamaru was inspired by a rook and a knight in shogi.

Palette swap

  • White (default)
  • Red (Red Team)
  • Blue (Blue Team)
  • Green (Green Team)
  • Gold
  • Black
  • Pink
  • Cyan

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