Takamaru SSB4
SSB The Mysterious Murasame Castle Series
Universe The Mysterious Murasame Castle
Availability Starter
Final Smash Inazuma Lighting

This page is about Takamaru in the context of Super Smash Bros. Combat only. For the character in other contexts, see Takamaru.

Takamaru is a playable character in Super Smash Bros. Combat, and is unlocked from the start. Takamaru is a Samurai Apprentice who was sent out one day to stop an alien menace. Takamaru is a quick character who wields a katana, and attacks with many tools that the Samurais have at their disposal, as well as weapons he had in game like a fireball and invisibility cloak. Takamaru may be fast and agile, but doesn't have a lot of range with his attacks and he must stay close to an opponents in order to do damage.


  • Standard Special - Shuriken - Takamaru charges up a shuriken in his hand before throwing it at opponents very quickly. The shuriken is smaller than Greninja's, but it is more powerful.
  • Side Special - Fireball - Takamaru throws a slow-moving fireball at opponents that has similar properties to Ness' PK Fire once it hits the ground. The fire can keep opponents in place in addition to doing damage.
  • Up Special - Windmill Swords - Takamaru throws three windmill swords downwards, rising upwards with each thrown. These are the primary part of Takamaru's recovery, as the swords aren't that powerful.
  • Down Special - Invisibility Cloak - Takamaru briefly covers himself with an invisibility cloak, before reappearing and quickly striking with his katana.
  • Final Smash - Inazuma Lightning - Takamaru summons a large bolt of lightning which strikes the middle of the stage, sending any opponents that hit it flying.


Victory Theme - An excerpt from The Mysterious Murasame Castle's Stage Theme

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