Takamaru Smash5
Series Mysterious Castle Marusame
Recent Game NES Mysterious Marusame Castle
Availability Starter
Final Smash Inazuma Lightning

Takamaru stars as a newcomer in Super Smash Bros 5. Similarly to Little Mac in Smash 4, Takamaru appeared as an Assist Trophy before becoming a playable character in the next game. Sakurai also stated shortly after the release of Smash 4 that Takamaru was cut from the roster of that game. He aesthetically looks as he did in Smash 4. Takamaru is a character that uses many tricks and swift attacks in order to defeat opponents. This includes his ability to go invisible, which allows him to surprise his opponents.


Attack Description Attack Description
Standard Jab Takes a few slashes with his katana which then proceeds into an infinite jab. When the infinite has ended he performs a finishing slash which does decent knockback. Side Tilt Takes a horizontal slash with his katana.
Up Tilt Swings his katana in an upward arc. Down Tilt Jabs his katana forward along the ground.
Dash Attack Teleports forward then performs a quick slash. Neutral Air Slashes on both sides with his katana.
Forward Air Performs 3 quick slashes in front of his self Back Air Slashes in an arc behind himself with his katana.
Up Air Slashes in arc above himself. Down Air Slashes in an arc below himself.
Side Smash Performs a flurry of slashes forwards with a powerful slash at the end which launches opponents. Up Smash Thrusts his katana upwards.
Down Smash Slashes in front and behind himself.
Move Name Description Custom Move
Neutral Special Shuriken Takamaru throws a ninja star which flies at a high speed. The special button can be continually pressed to throw consecutive shurikens. The direction can be changed slightly by inputting either up or down. Triple Star – Throws 3 shurikens, One going diagonally upward, one going diagonally downward and one going forward. The move however takes longer to perform.
Side Special Fire Wisps Fires a fireball which travels straight forward. If this move is charged it will release a large cluster of fire wisps which explode into a burst of flames when they come into contact with an opponent or solid surface. Blue Fire – Fires a ball of blue fire which is stronger but slower. The move cannot be charged.
Up Special Rising Sun Takamaru’s katana lights on fire and then Takamaru performs an upward somersault. When using this moving Takamaru moves so fast that he looks like a ball of fire, like the sun. This moves acts similarly to Samus’s screw attack. Rising Flip – Takamaru perform a somersault which propels him high into the air. This move does no damage however.
Down Special Invisibility Cloak Using this move allows Takamaru to go invisible for about 5 seconds. When invisible Takamaru can move freely as normal. However if Takamaru uses an attack he will become visible again. If this move is used continuously the time it goes for will get shorter and shorter. The time will go back to normal when you stop using this move for a while. Invisible Slash – The move only lasts a second but Takamaru performs a powerful slash when it ends.
Final Smash Inazuma Lightning Takamaru thrusts his blade upward. He can then guide a powerful lightning bolt which comes down on the stage.

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