Takamaru's Ninja Castle is an upcoming 3DS game based off of the Japan exclusive game remade for Nintendo Land on the Wii U. In the game you control a wood-crafted Ninja on a side scrolling adventure through dark castles, but instead of jumping on enemy's heads to kill them, you'll throw ninja stars at the also wood-crafted enemies. Most enemies take 2-5 ninja stars to kill, and since you only have a limit of 20 ninja stars to throw each level, spamming the attack button just won't work.


Legend has that three goblins invaded Saradtown long ago and put a curse on the queen that won't be active for thousands of years. Thousands of years later, an ancestor of the very queen that was said to be cursed, young princess Maidna, turned sick. The only way to cure young princess Maidna is to find the medicine guarded by the very three goblins that infected the queen countless years ago, and the goblins are guarded by hundreds of ninjas. The Saradtown ninja himself, Takamaru, volunteered to go get the medicine, thus embarking on a journey that he'll cherish time and time again.

There is no world layout in this game. You'll find yourself progressing through random levels with the title of the area being mentioned at the start of each one. There are 75 different levels, each with their own unique name. It wouldn't be much fun for either me or you to mention and see them all, so I'll just say that about 30 levels take place in a medieval town environment with 45 taking place in either dark or light-filled castles.

Appearances In Other Games

Takamaru has less appearances than the Ice Climbers, so I'll take the curtesy of adding little nit bits and easter eggs based off of Takamaru's game. And he shouldn't only have appearances in my games - why don't you mention a little bit of the wooden ninja in your Fantendo articles? You never know, he might become a worldwide sensation.

Here is a list of the upcoming titles you should see Takamaru in:

Super Luigi Bros. - Takamaru appears in various areas, taking the place of the 8-Bit Luigi easter egg from 3D World.

Ice Climber Uprising - Takamaru is rarely mentioned by Vudu at the tutorial screen with the dialogue, "I'm going to teach you the basics of climbing, Nana and Takamaru - er, scratch that - Popo."

Donkey Kong Country: Winter Breeze - Takamaru is the name of a random enemy in the first level of World 4.

New Super Mario Bros 3. - Takamaru is faintly written on the bottom of every character's poncho.

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