Tak and Zac The Insect Prophecy is a single player adventure game created by Namcom. The game is set in a world inhabited by Anthropomorphic Insects in Tribes. The game was released on November 11 2002 in North America, November 20 2002 in Europe, and January 25 2003 in Japan.

It is developed for the PlayStation 2, GameCube, and Xbox.

The story is when an ant and small locust named Tak and Zac go to save their world from the Tarantula Tribe who captured Gold Locusts with the help of mysterious machines.


In a world inhabited by Anthropomorphic Insects who worship the "Gold Locust", an ancient tribe who created this world and bugs. The Gold Locust's all protect the lands from evil like the evil Tarantulas. The tribes are listed:

  • Ant
  • Mantis
  • Termite
  • Grasshopper
  • Butterfly
  • Dragonfly
  • Bee
  • Water Bug
  • Spider
  • Stink Bug
  • Tarantula


The game sets in the Bug World, populated by tribes of insects who worship the Gold Locusts who created this world. The evil Tarantula Tribe has kidnapped all the Gold Locusts with the help of a mysterious masked sage.

In the Bug World, Tak and Zac, a silent Ant and a lazy Gold Locust who's not magical like the other locusts, hear news The Tarantula Tribe are using mysterious machines and gadgets to kidnap all the Gold Locusts, leading the Ants and other bugs to one question: How did the Tarantulas get these machines from?

Professor Antstein, Tak and Zac's grumpy guardian, explains that Zac can become a powerful locust with the help of Zoster, a scientist who studies on the Gold Locusts who mysteriously disappeared. Zac is eager to meet Zoster to make him an honorary locust with more powers other than gliding and shocking things with his antannaes.

Tak's Friend, Queen Tayra, knows the gloves Tak has are a part of the Greatest Bug Warrior. Tak decides to locate the other Gold Locusts and save the tribes as Zac rides on his shoulder. Going to each tribe and rescuing many Gold Locusts, The duo realize that the masked sage is actually Zoster who built the machines for the Tarantulas and wants revenge on the other scientists for rejecting his ideas.

The duo go to Zoster's Lair where the Tribe Leaders are held hostage, even Tayra. After rescuing the Tribe Leaders, The duo fight Zoster who is inside a huge robotic entity called "Ultra Zoster". Zoster uses the Ultra Zoster to destroy the Bug World Heart so the whole land will die. Once getting defeated, the robot explodes with it's decapitated head (with Zoster inside it) falling into a portal to the Shadow World, presumably forever.

With Zoster gone, Zac is still an outcast locust but he doesn't mind. With all bug tribes saved, Tak, Zac, and their freinds decide to go have Tacos to celebrate the Duo's Victory, resulting Tak screaming his first word "TACOS!!!!!".

Main Characters

  • Tak: The Playable Protagonist of the game. He is a young purple ant and best freinds with Zac, who is eager to meet Zoster to make him a powerful locust like the others. He never speaks at all in the game until he screams "TACOS!" in the ending.
  • Zac: The duertagonist of the game. He is a Gold Locust who is a complete outcast due to his lack of powers, but he can shock things and glide Tak to distances. He does the talking for Tak and is always found on his shoulder.
  • Professor Antstein: The only Ant Scientist in the Ant Tribe. He is shown to have a grumpy personality. He is sarcastically acting happy when ever Queen Tayra is around.
  • Queen Tayra: The Queen of the Ant Tribe and a good friend of Tak and Zac. She is protective with her silent friend as she refused to let General Zag use Tak to go on the dangerous quest.
  • General Zag: The tough general of the Ant Army. Amazed by the power of Tak's Gloves, he wants to train Tak to defeat the Tarantula Tribe.
  • Zoster: The Main Antagonist of the game. He was once an Ant Scientist who was rejected by the scientists and started a mechanical empire in the Tarantula land. He decides to take over all the colonies and make the lands die for revenge. In the end, he is defeated by Tak and Zac and was most likely send to the Shadow World.
  • Thugs the Tarantula: The Secondary Antagonist of the game. He is the big tough commander of the Tarantula Army who fought Tak in the Tarantula Caves, only to get defeated by the ant.

Supporting Characters

These are the characters who help you in your quest. Alot ask you to do a quest for them and they all have a Gold Locust in return.

  • Chomper: A small termite who helps the duo in the Termite Tunnels invaded by Tarantulas.
  • Kat: An orange dragonfly who helps the duo cross the Dry Canyon invaded by Tarantulas.
  • Tessie: A pink butterfly who helps the duo cross the Flower Fields invaded by Tarantulas.
  • Pyoo: A stinkbug who helps the duo cross the Foul Sewers by giving them breathing bubbles.
  • Professor Trantsform: A scientist who can transform Tak to all sorts of small bugs on his quest.
  • Professor TurbulAnt: A scientist who gives Tak the ability to swim underwater.
  • Professor EnchAnt: A scientist who teaches Tak how to control magic.
  • Anema Hugga: An animal hugging moth who asks the duo to rescue all the baby frogs trapped in Toot Swamp.
  • Farmer Tromby: A trombicula farmer who asks the duo to protect his crop of skin cells from the hungery Tarantulas.
  • Melissa Mouse: A young mouse who asks the duo to protect her from the Tarantulas who are trying to eat her.
  • Al I. Auto: A beetle mechanic who repairs the duo's bee jet with 5 spark balls the duo brought to him.


The enemies you fight are brutish Tarantulas from the evil tribe.

  • Fang: These short tarantulas run faster than Bone Heads.
  • Bone Head: These big tarantulas can pulverize you with their strong fists.
  • Tankula: These tarantulas ride on feirocous beasts.
  • Air Walkers: These tarantulas ride in small jet planes.
  • Jumper: These ninja tarantulas can bounce all over the place.
  • Swimmer: These tarantulas can swim underwater.
  • Chopper: These tarantulas can chop you up with their arms.
  • Booty Bomb: These fat tarantulas can smother you with their explosive farts.
  • Zombugs: These bug zombies can drain your health by biting you.
  • TBA

Re-Imagined Remake

A re-imagining of this game is in development.