Tak-Zac Bug World
Tak-Zac Bug World (Wii U)
Wii U Cover
Developer(s) Namcom
Platform(s) PS3, Wii U, Xbox 360, PSV, PS4 and Xbox One
Release Date(s)
November 24 2013 (NA)

December 6 2013 (EU) December 12 2013 (AUS) March 4 2014 (JP)

Single Player
Age Rating(s)
Everyone 10+
Genre(s) Action Adventure, Free Roaming
Media Included Mild Violence, Language
Tak-Zac Bug World is a game developed by Namcom based on the Tak-Zac Series. It is also the starting game of the Next Gen reboot of the series, thus making Tak-Zac the second Namcom series to have a reboot, the other being Skip and Sqak. The game was first released in Late 2013 on the PS3, Wii U, Xbox 360, PS Vita, PS4 and Xbox One. The story involves Tak and his friends fighting against the long lost Tarantula Tribe ruler who wants to bring back the Bug Wars.

The game is a bigger, free roaming environment than other games in the series. It also contains new events and gameplay to the game; such as melee combat, dark themes and an extended length to the plot.


The game takes place 2 years after the events of TZAB. Tak, Zac and Antstein head to the Hive Palace of the Bug Sages after their friend Zip called them to hear something important. During the trip, the trio encounter their old enemies the Tarantulas. The trio to Hive Palace, where Zip and the Bug Sages tell them that the Bug World is being threatened by the Tarantula Tribe and a mysterious tyrant named Tarko who wants to invade the Bug World, kill all the ants, and bring back the legendary Bug Wars. Tarko is also getting help from the criminal Cockroaches and their 3 leaders; Tankroach, Psyroach and Bossroach. With the help of their friends Chomper, Tessie, Kat, Officer Seksyca and Tally, the duo explore the bug world defeating Tarantulas and Roaches.

At Trash Tooth, the Roach's city, Tak defeats Bossroach in a dogfight where his ship crashes into the Big Cheese Tower and explodes, killing him. Afterwords, the gang decide to defeat Tarko to put an end to the huge war once and for all.. Tak and Zac confront Tarko on top of his tree, where he reveals that tarantulas used to be weaker and were picked on by the other ants which led them to become ferocious and starting the Bug Wars. Tak defeats Tarko escapes the tree while Tarko is killed and devoured by a caimen.

With the Bug World safe from the Tarantulas, Tak and Zac wonder if the Bug Wars is just beginning...



Tak and Zac are the main playable characters. However in some levels you can summon their friends to complete courses.

  • Tak and Zac
  • Tessie: She can summon platforms only she can see for Tak to pass.
  • Kat: He can fly Tak and Zac to places much faster other than going on foot.
  • Chomper: He can eat roaches for lunch with his snapping jaws.
  • Tally: She can explore some places like Tak and Zac.


  • Prof Antstein
  • Zip
  • Officer Seksyca
  • Prof Trantsform
  • Prof TurbulAnt
  • Prof EnchAnt
  • Tiki Taka: a shaman who Tak and Zac meet in Dragonfly Falls.
  • TBA

Bug Sages

  • Ant Sage
  • Beetle Sage
  • Butterfly Sage
  • Stinkbug Sage
  • Dragonfly Sage
  • Termite Sage
  • Spider Sage
  • Firefly Sage
  • Marsh Fly Sage


  • Tarko: The Primary Antagonist. He is a vicious Tarantula who plots to kill off all the bugs in the Bug World. At the end of the game, he is knocked off the Tarantula Tree and eaten by a caimen.
  • Bossroach: An ally in Tarko's scheme. He is a short cockroach and the leader of the Cockroach Gang.
  • Tankroach: The muscle of the Cockroach Gang. He is a big cockroach hired to open a drill mine in search of minerals for weapons.
  • Psyroach: The brains of the Cockroach Gang. He is a tall, skinny cockroach with psychic powers.
  • Beetle Rider: An assasin sent by Tarko to kill Tak and Zac down in the Beetle Catacombs. He rides on a giant beetle named Hugo.
  • Blue Licker: A giant ant eater used in the Ant Exicution to eat Tak and Zac.
  • TBA



  • Clobber: Mean tarantulas who carry bone clubs.
  • Sniper: Tarantulas that can shoot quills.
  • Torcher: Tarantulas that breathe fire.
  • Ninja: Female tarantulas who carry staffs.
  • Rider: Tarantulas that ride on rampaging beetles.
  • Zombie: Dead tarantulas that rise from the ground.
  • TBA


  • Roach: Roaches that come in groups.
  • Boomroach: Roaches who are equipped with cannons.
  • Blastroach: Roachs that ride in jet packs and carry rifles.
  • TBA

Other Enemies

  • Summoner: Sorceror enemies that summon certian enemies to fight.
  • Lava Worm: Worms immune to lava can only be found in "Crater Mine".
  • Ghost: Ghosts that can only be found in "Tomb of the Tarantulas".
  • TBA


  • Building Cruncher
  • The Tankroach
  • Pipe Bomb
  • Roach Cerebus
  • Beetle Rider
  • Bloo Keeluh
  • Dark Clones
  • Electric Eel
  • The Psyroach
  • Blue Licker
  • C.A.R
  • TBA


(Act 1)

  • Forest Path: The tutorial level of the game. This is where Lydia lives in her hut.
  • Hive Palace: The first hub world.
  • Firefly Falls: A jungle with beautiful waterfalls. Tally has been held captive in the Cockroach's camp.
  • Tarko's Ice Forteress: A prison fort in a glacier wonderland is where Kat and Seksyca are held prisoner.
  • Mountain Caves: Up in the mountain is a cave where the ancient Blue Ant Tribe made paintings on the walls long ago. Tessie is being chased by the 3 Cockroach leaders.
  • Blue Ant Village: This village was the home of the exctinct Blue Ant tribe.
  • Gold Locust Tower: The Cockroaches are attacking the Gold Locust Tower, the biggest tower in the Bug World while preparing a secret weapon. (BOSS: Building Cruncher)
  • Drill Site: Tankroach has made a drill mine in the wasteland for minerals and holds Chomper prisoner. Tak and Zac have to destroy all the drill machines and defeat the Tankroach. (BOSS: Tankroach)

(Act 2)

  • Ruins Path: This path leads to the Cavern Town.
  • Cavern Town: The second hub world.
  • Ancient Canyon: A large canyon where the Beetle Sage does his research of this land.
  • Beetle Temple: The temple in Cavern Town hides the Power Crystal to keep electricity to the town.
  • Higher Area: The buildings above town are on fire by the Cockroaches. A bomb is attached into the pipes that can destroy all of Cavern Town. (BOSS: Pipe Bomb)
  • Crator Mine: The Roaches have captured beetles and locked them in a mine close to the middle of the earth to dig up Dark Cyrstals. There are lava pools and lava worms, so be careful.
  • Beetle Field: The Roaches are attacking the Beetle Temple. The Beetle Soldiers are trying to fight them off, but are losing so Tak has to fight in a Beetle Tank. (BOSS: Roach Cerebus)
  • Catacombs: The catacombs down below Cavern Town hold secrets to the Blue Ant race. However, the Roaches are trying to find it first. (BOSS: Beetle Rider)

(Act 3)

  • Spooky Path: This path leads to the Pion Web.
  • Pion Web: The third hub world.
  • Glade of Webs: The outskirts of Pion Web where the Tarantula tomb is located somewhere.
  • Tomb of the Tarantulas: All the deceased Tarantulas are brought to this tomb to rest. Tally has to explore this haunted place to rescue Tak and Zac.
  • Hive Mind: The most intelligant computer in the Bug World is in the Spider Hive.
  • Tarantula Gladiator Arena: An arena for Tarantula's to fight to the death is held where the winner gets to talk to Turgo face to face. (BOSS: Bloo Keelluh)
  • Brain Web Centre: The place for all smart spiders is being invaded by the Cockroaches.
  • Spider Tunnels: Tarko is fleeing deep in the tunnels, better go after him quick. (BOSS: Tarko's Dark Clones)

(Act 4)

  • Battle Path: A war between the Roaches and Fireflies is being fought here.
  • Big Lanteren: The fourth hub world.
  • Glowing Shadow Woods: A dark forest where you need light to get passed, or you can kiss your life goodbye.
  • Power Ground: The first Power Plant is deep underground.
  • Electric Tower: The second Power Plant is up on top of a very tall tower.
  • Cable Lake: The third Power Plant is in the bottom of a huge lake. (BOSS: Electric Eel)
  • Firefly Laser Tower: The laser machine the gang need to destroy Tarko's base of operations.
  • Cockroach Weapon Ship: The ship of all the strong weapons for the Cockroaches. (BOSS: Psyroach)

(Act 5)

  • Crash Site: Somewhere in the wreckage of the Cockroach Weapon Ship lies the coordinates to the Roach's city, Trash Tooth.
  • Marsh Lake: The fifth hub world.
  • Tarko's Cave: The cave Tarko grew up during his childhood lies answers to his past.
  • Pipe Tunnels: Tak and Zac sneak down the pipes to eavsdrop on the Roaches.
  • Tomb of the Warriors: The tomb of the Bug War warriors hides away the ancient scroll that explains about the Bug War. (BOSS: Scroll Guardian)
  • Bamboo Mountains: A small bug tribe up on the mountains is being attacked by the Roaches.
  • Mountain Palace: The palace on top of the tallest mountain is being demolished by the Roaches.
  • Roach Camp: Deep in the Roaches base camp is the blue prints to Bossroach's machine. (BOSS: Roach Sisters)

(Act 6)

  • Iron Bird: A big robotic plane built by Antstein for the gang to go after Tarko.
  • Steep Cliffs: The cliffs below Trash Tooth is where the gang try to sneak in.
  • The Sewers: The sewers below Trash Tooth is where the gang set up their base.
  • Roach Streets: The streets of Trash Tooth is full of Cockroaches and search lights. Don't get caught!
  • Cockroach Plaza: The biggest part of Trash Tooth is where Bossroach is plotting an ambush.
  • Ant Exicution: A deadly arena built with traps and roach gladiators. (BOSS: Blue Licker)
  • Trash Bunker: The middle parts of Trash Tooth are the only way to reach Big Cheese Tower now that security is high.
  • BCT Corridors: The enterance of Big Cheese Tower is twice dangerous with security bots and Roaches with upgraded weapons. (BOSS: Cockroach Arsenal Recker)
  • BCT Surface: Getting higher to the BCT lies the lair of the Bossroach. (BOSS: Bossroach)

(Act 7)

  • Gold Locust Temple (BOSS: Locust Titan)
  • Dark Moskito Temple (BOSS: Moskito Titan)
  • Death Swamp: A dark swamp with acid and prickly thorns.
  • Tarantutata: The hidden city of the Tarantula Tribe.
  • Tarantula Tree: A large tree is where Lydia is held up in.
  • Tyrant Tower: A tall tower on top of Tarantula Tree where Tarko is waiting on the top.
  • Tarko Battle: The final showdown against Tarko. (FINAL BOSS: Tarko)


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Two continuing sequels are being developed. The second installment, Tak-Zac Bug Gladiator, is schedualed for November 2015, and a third is schedualed for 2017.

Film Adaptation

Namcom announced that a film based on this game is set to be released in theaters in 2016.