Tak-Zac Bug Wars is a reboot to the Tak-Zac franchise, and the second Namcom game to recieve a reboot (the other being Skip and Sqak). The reboot began in November 2013, with the first game Tak-Zac Bug World to start the reboot. Unlike the original series, Bug Wars features more darker themes.


Tak-Zac Bug Wars reboot features level landscapes that are more extended than the Insect Prophecy. It also features Tak fighting enemies with melee combat similiar to the Legend of Spyro games, and flashbacks to character's past stories (such as the Tarantula Tribe).

In Bug World, Tak, Zac and their friends are fighting against the long lost Tarantula king, Tarko, who has unleashed a war between the heroes and the Tarantulas and wants to kill off every ant in the Bug World but his Tarantulas and Cockroaches were no match for the silent hero who obtains magical "Fury" powers. Lydia, a lost ant, tells the gang some of her flashbacks from the Bug Wars and the apparent loss of her family. Tarko kidnaps Lydia to kill her on top of his tree castle, but Tak fights him and sends the tarantula falling into the darkness of the chasm below. Tak, Zac and Lydia go back to the Ant Village to celbrate their victory. Meanwhile, Tarko has survived the long fall but before he can do anything he is eaten by a caimen.

In Bug Gladiator, a tribe of Grylloblattodea Vikings abduct Tak, Zac, Chomper, Tessie and Professor Antstein who are all forced to fight against deadly obstacles. Tak has to fight against these ferocious foes with the help of Zac, Antstein, Chomper and Tessie and find a way to escape the Gryllo's ship.


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