Tak-Zac Bug Gladiator
Developer(s) Yellow Apple Games
Platform(s) PlayStation 3
Xbox 360
PlayStation Vita
PlayStation 4
Xbox One
Release Date(s)
November 22, 2015 (NA)
November 27, 2015 (EU)
December 11, 2015(AUS)
March 6, 2016 (JP)
Single Player
Age Rating(s)
Everyone 10+
Genre(s) Action Adventure, Arena Combat
Series Tak-Zac (Series)
Predecessor Tak-Zac Bug World (2013)
Successor Tak-Zac Bug Titan (2017)
Tak-Zac Bug Gladiator is the It is a sequel to Tak-Zac Bug World, and the second installment in the Bug Wars Saga. It is set to be released in November 2015 for the PS3, PS Vita, Xbox 360, PS4 and Xbox One.


Tak-Zac Bug Gladiator has the same gameplay as Bug World, featuring the playable character Tak fighting with melee combat. In this game, there are arena trials to complete in order to progress through the game. It also has a new feature that has sidekicks (Zac, Antstein, Tessie and Chomper) who ride on Tak's shoulder and have their own abilities to help Tak progress.


After defeating Tarko, king of the Tarantula Tribe, Tak and Zac became the heroes of the Bug Village. During the duo's training, Professor Antstein has beem trying to do research to find more clues about the missing Fighter Ant Tribes but has no luck until a merchant named Tharo arrives to the village to show to the professor an ancient temple made by the Fighter Ants. Fascinated by what Tharo is showing him, Antstein recruits Tak, Zac, Tessie and Chomper to join the journey to find the Fighter Ant temple and research it. After sailing to an uncharted territory where the temple is located, the gang make their way through the hazardous enviroment and enter the temple where they read on the walls that the Blue Ants took refuge into the sandy ruins of Registana after the Tarantula's homocidle rampage.

Knowing where the Fighter Ants are located, the bugs try to head back to Tharo's boat only to discover they're trapped in the temple. To make matters worse, the temple gets surrounded by a clan of Grylloblattodea vikings who destroy the temple and Tharo betrays the group as he was actually a spy the whole time, resulting the five bugs getting captured. The gang find themselves locked inside a prison cell in the middle of the Gryllo's prison ship, which is connected to a whole chain of ships piloted by the leader of the Gryllo vikings, Lord Oblatt, who has been capturing strong animals around the world and compete in gladiator tournaments in the Arena Ship (otherwise they'll be thrown overboard into the shark-infested ocean if they refused to battle). Since they're new in the ship, the bugs have to take part of the Pollywog Swamp matches where they have to defeat the champion Bloat in a combat match. After surviving through some gladiator matches, the five bugs eventually meet up with Tharo who explains to them that although he's Lord Oblatt's spy, he has been leading a secret rebellion joined by many other bug gladiators to take the entire viking clan down.

Convinced that thwarting the Gryllo's will be their only escape, the bugs decide to join Tharo's rebellion. Before the start of each tournament, the five bugs try to sabatoge many of lethal courses with the help of Tharo's closest partners Tenna and Bervale. During one of the matches, Tak kills the giant fish Sagmu leading Lord Oblatt to give the ant more advanced, difficult challenges to compete in: down to the Death Chasm to retrieve the fang of the feral rat Savageous. Tak ventures down to the chasm and battles Savageous but fails to get the rat's fang as he flees to the surface, much to Oblatt's disapproval as he forces him and his friends to hunt Savageous down deep in the Miserable Mountains. With Tenna and Bervale volunteering to accompany him, Tak heads to the mountains to find Savageous only to find the rat dead at the outskirts with his fangs removed. Lord Oblatt arrives immediatley learning what happened and he orders his soldiers to bring Tak and his friends back to their prison cell while everyone else is mystified about Savageous's sudden death. Hours later, Oblatt assigns Tak to a new challenge: complete the puzzles and obstacles of the Dynamic Dome setted by Cateruggo the caterpillar.

After Tak complete's Cateruggo's puzzles, Oblatt reveals to the five bugs that his entire Gryllo viking clan have been engaging a war against an army of samurai hornets and he has been collecting all these brutish animals to join forces with the Gryllo's but not before forcing them to compete in the gladiator tournaments to test their strength. He asks Tak to join the viking army but he and the others reject the offer, since they just wanted to go home and think he's gotten enough warriors for his army. As the bugs try to walk out of his throne room, a furious Oblatt orders Cateruggo to pulverize Tak to force him to join. During the battle, Cateruggo punches Tak out of the throne room window and into the gladiator arena and the continue to fight until the caterpillar suddenly collapses onto the ground, dead. Upon seeing Cateruggo's body, Oblatt assumes that Tak has began killing his forces in an attempt to escape the ship and orders the ant to be executed. The Gryllo's surround Tak until Kat the dragonfly flies into the viking ship and rescues the five of them just in time but ends up crashing into a rocky pillar during flight, injuring his wing. As a thunderstorm begins, the bugs take shelter in an underground bunker which late turns out to be an abandoned home of the Fighter Ant Tribes. They awoke the next morning to meet up with Bervale, Tenna and other insect prisoners who escaped from the Gryllo's ship which was attacked by the Samurai Hornets on the same night.

Tenna explains that Tharo was never with them during the escape so Tak decides to search for him. The bugs made it to the Lawano, city home of Tenna, Bervale and all the other insect warriors, that is now invaded by the Samurai Hornets. While sneaking through the Lawano, the bugs take refuge in the deep caverns underneath the city only to be ambushed by Bloat, Bruticus, and Snarlous who want to get revenge on Tak for killing Cateruggo. Before Tak was about to be crushed to death by Bruticus's foot, the badger, toad and weasel all get killed by the hornet's commander, Sogeki, who shoots the three animals with his poisonous stinger (in which Professor Antstein immediately discovers that the general has secretly shot Savageous and Cateruggo earlier). Commander Sogeki reveals that all the hornet's kingdom has been destroyed by an inferno that was caused during a massive war between the Samurai Hornets and Gryllo Vikings. The Samurai Hornet's general, Miyasu, declares to invade the entire Bug World to provide a new home for the homeless hornets and has sent Sogeki to secretly eliminate all of Lord Oblatt's strongest forces to weaken the viking army during the Samurai Hornet's invasions.




In gameplay, players can switch to Zac, Chomper, Tessie and Antstein with the diagonal pad.

  • Tak: The Main Playable Protagonist of the game.
  • Zac: He can glide himself and Tak to farther distances and shock enemies.
  • Chomper: He can help Tak swing over gaps, bite off enemy sheilds and high switches.
  • Professor Antstein: He can shoot enemies with his laser gun from a distance.
  • Tessie: She can help Tak whip enemies with her ballet ribbon and lasso certain projectiles.



  • Lord Oblatt: The leader of the Grylloblattodea vikings and the Secondary Antagonist of the game.
  • General Miyasu: The leader of the Samurai Hornets and the Main Antagonist of the game.
  • Tharo:
  • Commander Sogeki: General Miyasu's commander and the Teritary Antagonist of the game.
  • Bruticus: A huge, muscular badger with iron fists.
  • Snarlous: A grey-furred weasel who fights with a machette.
  • Sagmu: A massive fish that has been brought into the aquariam to devour the bugs.
  • Savageous: A feral rat who viciously mutilates insects with it's teeth.
  • Cateruggo: A strong armed caterpillar who is Lord Oblatt's bodyguard.
  • Bloat: A size-changing toad who is the champion of the Swamp Cup.
  • TBA


The enemies in the game are brutish warriors such as grylloblattodea's, bats, badgers, and other threatening animals.


For short Gryllos, are a group of vikings who serve Lord Oblatt and try to kill Tak and his friends in arena challanges.

  • Gryllo
  • Bloke
  • Brute
  • TBA

Samurai Hornets

Japanese Hornets who work for General Miyasu.

  • Stinger
  • TBA


  • Bloat
  • Bruticus
  • Snarlous
  • Sagmu
  • Savageous
  • Cateruggo
  • TBA


  • Fighter Ant Temple
  • Pollywog SwampsA gigantic jungle of plants inside a terranium connected to the Arena Ship.
  • Blacksmith BurrowsAn underground industry where the Gryllo's build their weapons with the help of Bruticus.
  • Forbidden Freezer: A giant block of ice with Gryllo's waiting to ambush unexpecting gladiators.
  • Lethal Aquariam: An aquariam that has ferocious fish lurking in the deep waters.
  • Death Chasm: Deep in the depths of this dark chasm lurks the blood thirsty rat Savageous whom Tak must defeat and retrieve his fang.
  • Miserable Mountains: Savageous escaped from the fight and is hiding somewhere in these isolated mountains.
  • Dynamic Dome: An ancient dome filled with holographic puzzles and deadly obstacles.
  • Ship Escape: Kat arrives to the Gryllo's Arena Ship to rescue his friends, but the Gryllo's are in pursuit.
  • Lawano: The home of Tenna, Bervale and many insect warriors who defended this city until the hornet's invasion.
  • Deep Bunker: The deep bunker underneath the city of Lawano with the Samurai Hornets setting up forts down in these tunnels.
  • Samurai Fortress:
  • TBA

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