Tak-Zac Are Back is a game based on the Tak-Zac series developed by Namcom. It is released in October 2011 on the Wii, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3; while a PlayStation Vita version of the game is released in march 2012. A 3DS version of the game was planned, but scrapped.

The story is when Zoster returns to destroy the Bug World and it's up to Tak, Zac and Professor Antstein to go on a journey to stop him and his Cy-Cida army.


  • Tak
  • Zac
  • Professor Antstein


In the Ant Village, all the power in the houses go out, so Tak and Zac volunteer to go repair the village's power plant. At the power plant, the duosaw what the problem is: someone has drained the power of the power plant with small devices sticked to the main core. Realizing someone was trying to sabatoge the plant, the duo race back to the village to tell this to the others. Meanwhile, Professor Antstein has to return a vacume he borrowed from Professor Trantsform. On his way to Trantsform, Antstein encounters strange robotic insects and uses the vacume as a weapon. When he got to Trantsform's hut, Antstein realized he was missing and left a note behind telling him he got kidnapped and to keep the vacume.

Tak and Zac go to the village to tell the ants that someone destroyed the power plant, and the village gets attacked by the same robots Antstein encountered. After destroying all the robots attacking the village, a huge mothership floats above the village. The duo realized the creator of the robots is the old nemesis, Zoster. Zoster survived his defeat last time and constructs an army of robots he calls "Cy-Cidas" and he plans to destroy the Gold Locust Heart to destroy the entire Bug World. As Zoster leaves in his ship to search for the Gold Locust Heart, Tak and Zac try to go after him.

Later, while exploring, the duo bump into Antstein who's still looking for Trantsform. The trio decide to work togethor to stop Zoster and find Trantsform. The 3 bugs cross many obstacles, but they manage to get through until they finally got to Ant City. The 3 saw Zoster's mothership floating above the city and his Cy-Cidas are attacking the city with the Bug Soldiers are trying to fight them off. The trio go to the palace where Iko, Lila and Rog set up a plan to destroy Zoster's plans.

After destroying all the Cy-Cida's territory, the three bugs go into Zoster's Mothership where they finally found Trantsform being held captive with the other Bug Scientists. The trio defeated Zoster on top of the ship, but he manages to locate the Gold Locust Heart at the Locust Temple, so he and his last remaining Cy-Cidas fly off to the temple and break the Shadow Mosquito's free from their prison. Tak, Zac and Antstein go after Zoster at the temple, where the 3 fought their way through Cy-Cidas who are mutated by the Shadow Mosquito energy until they got to the top of the tower where Zoster is at.

Zoster then attacks the trio with a giant Cy-Cida powered by Shadow Mosquito, and he sucks Tak and Zac inside it's head with Antstein fighting it. While Antstein fights the huge Cy-Cida, Tak and Zac fight Zoster who fuses himself into the Cy-Cida's brain, turning him into an entity. Antstein manages to weaken the giant Cy-Cida while Tak and Zac defeated the mutated Zoster. Before dying, Zoster self destructs in his final moment to destroy Tak and Zac, destroying the giant Cy-Cida and himself. Afterwords the Shadow Mosquito's return to their prison with the Cy-Bugs destroyed.

With all the Cy-Cidas destroyed and Zoster gone, the three heroes go back to the Big Village with all their friends cheering for them.


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