Tak-Zac is a franchise created by Namcom. The series protagonists are two ants trying to save the bug world from evil forces who try to destroy the Bug World. The elements in the game are a cross between Jak and Daxter and Banjo-Kazooie.


The series is about a silent Ant and a fast talking locust saving the Bug Colony from villians like the Tarantula Colony, or the Metal Bug Tribe. The heroes in the game are Tak the Ant and Zac the Locust, meeting new characters on their quest.

Original Games

  • Tak-Zac The Insect Prophecy (2002) PlayStation 2, GameCube, Xbox (The legendary Gold Locusts are being kidnapped by the Tarantula Tribe. Now Tak and Zac have to defeat the Tarantula Colony and save the Gold Locusts.)
  • Tak-Zac: Zoster's Revenge (2005) PSP and DS (Zoster reveals he survived his defeat and captures all of Tak and Zac's friends. The duo have to save their friends and defeat Zoster.)
  • Tak-Zac Are Back! (2011) PlayStation 3, Wii, Xbox 360, and PlayStation Vita (Tak, Zac and Antstein go on a journey to stop Zoster and his Cy-Bugs.)
  • Tak-Zac: Legends of the Gold Locusts (TBA) PlayStation 4, Switch, and Xbox One (A re-imagining of The Insect Prophecy.)

Bug Wars reboot

  • Tak-Zac Bug World (2013) Wii U, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PS Vita, PS4 and Xbox One (The Bug World is in peril when the Tarantula king Tarko leads his tribe to attack and kill off all the Ants. It's up to Tak and Zac to defeat the despicable ruler.)
  • Tak-Zac Bug Gladiator (2015) Wii U, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PS Vita, PS4 and Xbox One (Tak, Zac, Chomper, Tessie and Antstein get abducted by vikings and they have to battle fierce arena matches full of deadly mercanaries to survive.)
  • Tak-Zac Bug Titan (2017)

Other Games

  • Tak-Zac: Smash of the Titans (2005) PlayStation 2, GameCube, Xbox and PSP (When the Bug World is being threatened by giant animals, it's up to Tak, Zac and their friends to put an end to their rampage.)
  • Zac: One Mean Locust (2006) PlayStation 2, PSP, GameCube, DS (A group of cicadas play magical music to enslave all the ants, including Tak! Now it's up to Zac to save the day!)
  • Tak-Zac: Arsenal Racing (2009) Wii, PSP and PlayStation 2 (Tak, Zac and all their friends compete and violent racing where they shoot each other's cars with weapons.)

Animated Series

In 2003, an animated series aired on many kids channels world wide. A spin-off, Tak-Zac Attack!, is set to air sometime in 2015.


A film adaption based on Bug World is set to premiere in 2016.