Tak-Zac: Zoster's Revenge is a spin off to the Tak-Zac Series developed by Namcom. The game is developed on the Nintendo DS and PSP and released in May 2005.

The story is when Zoster resurfaces and captures all of Tak and Zac's friends, now the pair have to save them all and defeat Zoster.


The game takes place after the events of the Insect Prophecy, but before the events Tak Too.

In the Ant Tribe, Tak and Zac are resting on the beach with their friends until a storm comes in. But it isn't a normal storm, it's Zoster who was turned into a dark entity after falling into the Shadow World from the previous game. He then captures everyone in the Ant Tribe but he didn't notice Tak and Zac breaking free from their cages.

Tak and Zac both have a plan to save everyone and defeat Zoster. The duo explore all over the Ant Land defeating Zoster's dark minions and freeing their friends and later went to Zoster's lair where they fought the giant Zoster. The duo defeat Zoster, who vanishes away.

Tak and Zac go back to the village where everyone congratulates them for saving the day, but Zoster may not be dead yet...


  • TBA


The game recieved positive reviews, praising the graphics and platforming but criticized for it's lack of voice actors and low difficulty. It did get a Greatest Hits on the PSP in November 2006.

The PSP version got a 70% score and the DS a 62%.

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