Tak-Zac: The Animated Series
Type Animated Comedy
Genre(s) Comedy, Adventure, History Fiction
First Air Date(s)
November 2 2003
Age Rating(s)
Country of Origin Canada, United States
Original Language English
Season(s) 1
Episodes 20
Runtime 10 or 20 Minutes
Status Airing
Tak-Zac: The Animated Series is a comedy cartoon series created by Namcom based on Tak-Zac. It aired first in Canada on November 2 2003, and later aired in the U.S in January 2004. The show has Tak, Zac and their friends getting into tough situations.

A spin-off, Tak-Zac Attack!, is set to air in early 2015 on Disney XD.

Main CastEdit

  • Tak: The blue, silent ant and Zac's best friend.
  • Zac: The yellow, small locust and Tak's best friend.
  • Professor Antstein: The grumpy guardian of Tak and Zac and the Ant Tribe's only scientist.
  • Queen Tayra: The Queen of the Ant Tribe and a close friend of Tak.
  • Officer Seyanica: A brown moth who is the only female in the Bug City Police force.
  • Chomper: The brown termite with a huge appetite.
  • Kat: The orange dragonly who loves flying.
  • Zip: The smart grasshopper who studies alot on science, math and other stuff.
  • Tessie: The pink butterfly who Zac has an obsessing crush on.

Recurring CastEdit

  • King Rog: The king of Ant City and the father of Iko and Lila
  • Prince Iko: The prince of Ant City and the older brother of Lila
  • Princess Lila: The princess of Ant City and the younger sister of Iko


  • Thugs the Tarantula: The leader of the Tarantula Tribe and tries to destroy Tak and Zac.
  • Kevin the Life Guard: The life guard of Fountain Island who only appeared in the episode "Vacation". He is a show off who tries to impress Lila. In the end, he falls in the water and eaten by a fish.
  • TBA


The show aired in November 2003. To see the episodes, click HERE <---