Tak, the brave Ant Hero

Tak is the Silent Main Protagonist of the Tak-Zac Series. He is an Ant who is a friend of Queen Tayra and Zac's Best Friend. As Zac gets fed up with being a complete outcast to the Gold Locusts, Tak tries to give him more powers by finding the missing Zoster.

First Journey

Tak lives in the Ant Village raised by Professor Antstein along with Zac, a Gold Locust who has lack of powers.

To make Zac a regular locust, Antstein tells the duo they will need to find Zoster, a scientist who left to the wilderness. Queen Tayra comes in to tell them that Tarantula's stole the Ant Tribe's Loki Heart and thus the land is dying, so the duo decide to get all the Loki Hearts and Gold Locusts back before finding Zoster.

General Gaz relizes the gloves Tak is wearing are part of a Warrior Set and decides to train Tak to be an Ant Warrior. After going through the Bug Tribes, rescuing all the Gold Locusts and getting their Loki Hearts back, Tak and Zac discover that Zoster is behind the Tarantula Operation, and go to his Labratory where he is holding the Bug Tribe Leaders hostage, including Tayra.

After saving the leaders, the duo fight Zoster who is controlling a giant robot to destroy the Heart Of The Bug World, and after defeating him Zac is still powerless but the others decide to have tacos to celebrate as Tak screams "TACOS!!!!"

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