Taj the Genie
Full Name Taj the Genie
Gender Male
Diddy Kong Racing playable characters
Main Weapon(s) Magic
Ability/ies Teleporting
Vulnerable To Wizpig
First Appearance Diddy Kong Racing (1997)
Latest Appearance Donkey Kong Racing (2008)

Taj the Genie is an elephant who first appeared as a guide on the Nintendo 64 game Diddy Kong Racing. In the DS remake he returned providing the same role however he could also be unlocked as a secret character.

Taj then became playable in two separate wii games Donkey Kong Racing a game he was supposed to be in on the GameCube and Mario Rugby League in both cases he was one of the stronger ones on his team.


Taj is a big blue elephant who wears a small red vest on the top he wears a turban with a green diamond, similar to that of the sims' bobble.

Game Apperances

Donkey Kong Racing

Taj was a aplayable character in the Wii racing game Donkey Kong Racing. Taj appeared as part of the others category. In Land battles he could hit people with his trunk and use magical blasts.

NRL Player

Taj is a player on the Diddy Kong Racers team on the multiplayer Wii Sports game Mario Rugby League. He is a strong character with good skill and poor speed. His special skill is to release an oil slick which players with poor skill may slip on.

Cricket Player

Taj appears on the Rocking Racers team in Donkey Kong Test Cricket.