For once the Tails Doll is in the spotlight in this Wii Title you play Tails Doll whom has been fired by Robotnik a long time ago after Sonic R and since then has been trying to get his revenge ever since but has needed SoULs to grow more powerful and everybody on Earth has it in thier souls so he sucks out the SoUL part of it but it makes humans halucinate,be put under a spell,ect. but it only lasts a day or two and now he's powerful enough to get revenge but he needs to find his way back!


You manly be using the Wiimote to manuver Tails Doll Attack and more with the Nunchuk you can do even better things like sucking SoULs using more advanced moves ECT.

What are SoULs

Souls of Ultimate Limitz it gives people the energy to do stuff it replenishes itself in humans too as the Tails Doll you can use these to unlock his ultimate powers


It'll resemble Sonic Unleahed in hardware but feel like Sonic Adventure


tails doll realizes his mistake and accepts the fact he's been fired he must fight a super charged Robotnik and sacrifice himself to return the SoUls to the world he does this and all is happy again.

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