him in the sonic dash anime

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Tails Doll Dramatic

Tails Doll is a sinister puppet of Miles "Tails" Prower, which is often used as a Internet meme "Before you die, you see the Tails Doll". Some people believe that there is a curse in Sonic R that has to do with the Tails Doll.


Yoshi's Story 2

First Encounter

The Tails Doll is a boss in Yoshi's Story 2, in the level When you die, you see the.... It attacks by sucking in Yoshi, trying to steal its soul. Being sucked in results in an automatic game over. To be defeated, the Tails Doll must have a Thwomp sucked into him while hes trying to suck in Yoshi. Throwing eggs at the Doll results in the egg being thrown back to Yoshi, doing damage to Yoshi. To find the thwomp, throw an egg at the cracked wall. An entrance will open up. A Thwomp will be there. The Tails doll will follow you. He will suck up the thwomp, and get hurt. Do this 4 times to end it. The Tails Doll is then turned into a regular doll, and Yoshi eats it, producing an egg, which then hatches, and the Tails Doll then crawls away while Yoshi is not looking.

Second Encounter

The level Attack of the Tails Puppets features a new enemy- the Tail Puppets, which were created by the Tails Doll after escaping from the egg. At the end of the level, the Tails Doll is then discovered once more, but this time, he sucked up Yoshi so hard, that he actually stole Yoshi's soul. Yoshi is then inside a dark room, filled with Tail Puppets. Yoshi eats them all,and then the Tails Doll appears. He then smashed himself against the ground while Yoshi dodges it. After done, the Tails Doll calls in some Sonic Dolls to kill Yoshi, while he is in the back watching, and hitting Yoshi with shadow balls, while begin attacked by the Sonic dolls. The Sonic dolls produce Sonic Eggs which can be thrown back. Throwing them at Yoshi ticks him off, and does nothing except, for being hit by more Shadowballs. Hitting the Shadow balls while they are coming for Yoshi is the key. Hit them, and smoke will go everywhere, leaving the Tails Doll vulnerable. Hit him, and do the process for 5 times, and then Yoshi will be back to the place where he got his soul sucked. Tails Doll then attacks by shooting thunderbolts while moving forward, but then hits a wall, thus obliterating him, and ending the battle. However, at the end of the game, a mysterious figure is shown at the place where the Tails Doll died, and uses strange magic to turn him back into a doll, and the figure then leaves.


The Tails Doll is confirmed to be a boss in The Nintendo Civil War.

Sonic Dash

Tails Doll will appear in Sonic Dash, but his role is unknown.

A Return to His Roots

Tails Doll will appear in Sonic R: Second Run, and will be racing on Eggman's side. He can been seen racing Tails and Shadow in Angel Island.

Ultimate Showdown

The Tails Doll is one of the thousands of characters to appear in this 2D action battle royale. His character is somewhat unconventional, playing as the normal Tails Doll regularly, being swift but only doing minimal damage. However, should one activate his ultimate technique he will be converted into his creepypasta incarnation. The doll becomes bloodied, and will periodically drip blood, leaving a small trail of tiny blood pools that can give away its position to those paying close attention, though it is only a hint since the blood will only drip every few seconds and he is still as swift as ever. The immediate area near the Tails Doll will darken, making it difficult for most characters to navigate (those with any form of night vision, blind characters, and Daikaiju will not have to worry however). The screen of anyone in the area of influence, Tails Doll included, will occasionally also experience temporary and random static distortion on their screen. The Tails Doll in this mode has a Rage Gauge, which he must keep filled by dealing damage or killing opponents to stay in his Creepypasta form. Damage dealt in this mode is significant and constantly drains HP at a steady rate, though only on direct contact.

in the sonic heroes anime

in the anime tails doll was owned by a person who died in a car accident he was then found by tails and taken care of from there in the curse returns dr robotnik makes him evil and tries to kill sonic however tails makes him good again.


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