Tahilla Herd
Tahilla's mugshot from Hope Without A Cause
Full Name Tahilla Jones Herd
Current Age 36
Gender Female
Species Human
Tahilla Herd is one of the playable characters from Hope Without A Cause, and is actually an undercover agent, unknown to the rest of the people in the prison

Unknown to everyone else, Tahilla is actually an undercover agent for the International Correctional Task Force, who was tasked with researching the current state of prisons and if they are experiencing corruption. Tahilla is often snooping into places she shouldn't be and writing in a notepad the good and bad behaviors of the prison.


In Tahilla's first days of being locked up, she forms a personality and find friends to settle into the prison and get information from other inmates.

Afterwards Tahilla heads straight to snooping through areas for secret information. Using the resources given to her by the task force, Tahilla snoops through the basement of Morlano, unfortunately turning up nothing but almost getting caught by a guard.

She later investigates into the guard tower, which proves to be a struggle and she is accidentally caught by Ripley Monash after dropping her guard to view a classified file. Tahilla and Ripley accidentally befriend each other after Ripley discusses his mental state when hearing about Tahilla's mission.

Tahilla uses Ripley to do her bidding for a little bit, but the warden becomes wary of Ripley's snooping, and as such he pushes out from the snooping, and Tahilla returns to investigating herself.

The two discovered that the warden, Perry, has been taking funding from the prison for her own gain, and been having intimate relationships with inmates who get suspicious to keep them quiet.

Tahilla unfortuntately doesn't have enough evidence. So she sneaks into the warden's office to take documents showing the money stolen, but is caught by Perry who holds a gun to her head.

In that moment, Ripley appears to stop Perry from killing Tahilla, and the International Prison Task Force intervene to apprehend Perry and take her away from her job of warden for Morlano Prison.

Physical Description

Tahilla has long black hair with red streaks, which is shaved off on one side. She is of African-American descent, giving her black skin. Oddly enough, she has earrings in her piercings, something generally not accepted at Morlano.

Tahilla is quite small in height against the rest of the innmates, but also has the most muscle mass than the rest of the female inmates.

Game Appearances

  • Hope Without A Cause: Tahilla is put into prison by the International Prison Task Force to investigate the living conditions of the prison and corruption of the prison staff.

Relationships with other characters

Ripley Monash

Tahilla accidentally befriends Ripley after he catches her snooping around. The two work together closely as friends and possible relationship partners.


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