Tafu Lovo
Tafu is a third dimensional game released for The V² that's all about this skateboarding, rules-free girl who wants to live life the way she wants to live it, without others telling her what to do, named Tafu. She has committed various crimes and is always on the run from the cops, wanting to live free and fresh without others always on her tail. Maybe that sounds familiar, but the difference is that she's having fun and just wants others to understand that, even though her morals are kind of wrong.

In this game, you'll be pulling off tricks in large areas of town, running away from the police as you go, skating on rails, up ramps, and even up buildings. The objective is to get as many points as possible whilst staying out of the cops' range, the current round ending when you leave the town or when you get caught by the cops, the latter getting you a game over.

Reception to Tafu has mostly been (TBA).


You spend most of the game playing as Tafu, although you can play as the other provided characters in multiplayer or in Trial mode, and can begin choosing them in story mode as you progress. As Tafu, you'll be going around the towns and pulling off tricks and skating on rails and performing unorthodox techniques to rack up points, and beat up people who get in your way as part of your care-free personality. By that, I mean punching them whilst you're still on your board.

However, as you go, you also have to stay out of the way of the police, and if you get caught by them, you lose a life or your current round ends. If you leave the town, you'll keep all the points you earned, although you need to earn a certain amount of points before actually exiting. If the cops come close, you have no choice but to try and fight them off.

The different characters you choose in Tafu have different attributes set to them, like weight, power, defense, speed, and health, and the former four can be adjusted with the clothing you chose to wear.  Therefore, all the characters play rather differently from each other, and adjust better to different players.  The attacks of all the characters vary too, and some have very different mechanics and abilities.

In this game, you can customize Tafu and the other characters with the various outfits you can earn from the game, including tank tops, ragged pants, multiple colors of hats, and different scarves, amongst more.  You can earn these articles of clothing by collecting them off the ground.  Some of the different clothing affect your weight and your overall statistics.  You can take pictures of your characters and upload them to the Internet.

In the world map, you can choose to go between any of the various cities of Hisplit, the planet that the game takes place on, and when you clear a certain level, you can access the next or a small bunch of other levels. Sometimes when you clear a location, the area will be blocked off for a while because policemen, unless you killed them off or forced them away. If it's locked off, you'll have to play a few other levels whilst waiting.


Character Description Statistics

Tafu is the rules-free, care-free protagonist of her titular game, and is the main character of the game.  She wants to live her life how she wants and doesn't want other people to tell her what to do.  When people refused to listen to her freedom, she got mad and committed various crimes with her friends to prove that she needs to have her own freedom.

  • Boasts the Neutralizer, which boosts her stats and everyone else's to 3/5, which is considered average.
  • Uses a set of nunchucks to crack down on foes, from close range or from a distance.
  • HP: 3/5
  • SPD: 3/5
  • WGT: 3/5
  • POW: 3/5
  • DEF: 3/5

Evan is kind of a jerk, but he is kinder now than he was in the past, where he used to be a local school bully.  He realized that using time to bully others was dumb, so he got out of that phase and now is helping Tafu in her fun-filled life of crime.  He remains partially a jerk and loves to tell horrid insults or use his physical power to push down people like policemen.

  • Boasts the Heavy Weight, which makes him heavier and makes his descent down slopes much faster.
  • Uses his arms to smash foes out of the way.  Short range but deadly on almost everything.
  • HP: 4/5
  • SPD: 1/5
  • WGT: 3/5
  • POW: 5/5
  • DEF: 2/5

Arma is, in a sense, a living weapon and is very malevolent.  She was originally the result of transforming a series of guns into a human, but has since escaped her place of origin after being attracted to Tafu's living scent, her blood smeared life of crime, and found it enjoyable enough to join her crew after she became an actual human.

  • Boasts the Bullet Shot, which makes her go twice as fast and allows her to get high altitude from going off ramps.
  • Uses guns to snipe at people from a distance away, chipping at health.  Deadly at point-blank range.
  • HP: 1/5
  • SPD: 5/5
  • WGT: 2/5
  • POW: 4/5
  • DEF: 3/5

Lava is a towering lady that's often referred to as "hot" by what remains of her fans.  She often hangs around others and gets into whatever they're doing, often in search of people to play around with.  Of course, if they get boring, she has a tendency to leave, but not always.  She's quite defensive of money regardless of situation and often places it in front of friends.

  • Boasts the Magma Burst, which increases her speed for a short period of time and makes damage on contact.
  • She can pull her clothes away for a second to stun everyone nearby.
  • HP: 3/5
  • SPD: 2/5
  • WGT: 5/5
  • POW: 3/5
  • DEF: 4/5

Tome is a young lad way fascinated with machinery and tools, and often spends his time tinkering around with them.  He's real light and doesn't have a lot of power, but he has high health and can withstand attacks for a long time.  He's often self absorbed in his works and doesn't really notice anyone, not even those who really do like him.

  • Boasts the Spring Bounce, which makes his jumps higher and grants him access to way higher places.
  • Tome can swing around his very long, spring-like arms to push away enemies, and use fire magic to burn.
  • HP: 5/5
  • SPD: 4/5
  • WGT: 3/5
  • POW: 2/5
  • DEF: 1/5

Meta was origianlly just a metallic Tafu, but escaped from her laboratory in the midst of construction and was fixed up by Tome to look like an elegant and proud robot.  While she's kind of confused by how the world works and what to really do with her pyro powers, she joined Tafu in hopes that she'll find those answers eventually.

  • Boasts the Flame Riser, which makes her jumps last longer, making up for her heavy weight.
  • Capable of sending out flames to burn opponents and create a smokescreen that only she can see through.
  • HP: 2/5
  • SPD: 3/5
  • WGT: 4/5
  • POW: 1/5
  • DEF: 5/5


Arena Description
Daylight Square Daylight Square is a large arena with relatively few hazards.  It has a few slopes and trick ramps and most of the pathways are straight-forward, making this a good tutorial level.  The most prominent feature presented here are the rails, a lot of which you can grind to get to higher areas and eventually atop the buildings.
Perilous Slopes Perilous Slopes is an arena with many, many slopes, including pipes you can skate around in and giant slopes you can jump from to reach other areas.  A hazard commonly featured is spike pits, which you should avoid carefully - and go up and down the slopes as carefully as you can.
Underground Halfpipes The third arena has a bunch of half pipes you can skate through, and it's all mostly linear, although you can take alternative halfpipes to get through the rest of the area.  You can use the halfpipes to reach high areas and use some of the hidden ramps to rack up a ton of points.  By jumping from ramps, you can reach great heights...
Midnight Palace Midnight Palace is very much like Daylight Square in the fact that there are few hazards, but there are a lot more slopes and places you can perform tricks from.  Rails and runways exist everywhere you look in the level, and many of the slopes connect with each other so you can do trick combos without stopping.
Industrial Parkway The Industrial Parkway is a really linear level that has many tricks that you must perform quickly, and you can take shortcuts such as those on rails to move at higher speeds and move quicker through the level.  While there is a lot of fun to be had, like experimenting with halfpipes, you must have precise movement and avoid falling into acid.
The Death Zone The Death Zone is the final arena and features a lot of hazards like spike beds, lava, and the like, but if you're careful and wary of the hazards, you can do a lot of cool tricks in this zone, and it's especially fun when you have various players and try and bump each other into the hazardous walls.


  • Tafu's entire concept was just inspired by the Sneakman theme from Jet Set Radio.