How he appears ingame
Full Name Tachyon
Gender Male
Species Hover Dragon
Current Status Alive
Class Rival
Ability/ies Shooting lasers

Boosting up

Vulnerable To Fire
Eye color Green
"IT IS I, TACHYON."  - When first meeting the player character.

Tachyon is the player's rival in Fierce Tales. He is met a lot during the story, sometimes fighting the protagonist.


Tachyon is an HoverDragon. His eyes are green and his head is as large as his body. There are two glowing stripes behind his cubic snout.  He is mainly grey. He has two antennas, a cyan one with light around it and a much smaller green one. These are his weak points. He has no neck, only having a black plate separing his body from his head.

Tachyon's body is rectangular, with black stripes around it. He has two pairs of sci-fi-esque wings. His tail is a booster which can light up, making Tachyon much faster. He has two pairs of legs ending up in cylinder that produce a magnetic field. This allows him to stay in the air.

It is implied through the story that the HoverDragon's moderatly popular, and mocks the player character for beign a minor grey goblin. He believe he's the center of all things, apparently beign the leader of a gang. Tachyon's shown to lie at times, sometimes leading the player into trouble. He has trouble speaking because he is a robot, and speaks in all caps.

He has various powers, such as launching lasers, doing huge blasts of electricity, suddenly dashing with a purple field around him and even creating electric shockwaves. He use some of these powers in his battles, using more powers each battle.


Not much is known about Tachyon's past so far.

When the player first enters Main Fields, Tachyon bumps into the goblin while dashing. After completing the first dungeon, he taunts the player about how the goblin likely accidentally felt in there (despite the player entering the dungeon curiously). He then slaps the monster and then leaves to a town. The player ends up following him.

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