Tabuu in Super Smash Bros. Brawl.
Full Name Tabuu
Current Age Unknown
Gender Male
Species Unknown Alien
Location Subspace
Current Status Unknown (Canon)

Alive (Fanon)

Class General
Family and Relations
Main Weapon(s) Shark Blade, Dragon Laser, Light Chain and Shiruken Boomerang
Ability/ies Flight, Teleportation, Off Waves
Vulnerable To Melee
The Subspace Emmisary
First Appearance Super Smash Bros. Brawl (2008)
Latest Appearance Happy Face's Fantendo Smash Bros.
Tabuu is the leader of the Subspace Army in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. He is described as an evil, cold hearted, corrupt dictator. He has overwhelming power over his own realm known as Subspace. He also has complete control over the Primids and the other Subspace Army forces.

Physical Appearance

Tabuu is seen as a normal humanoid figure, albeit being twice the size of a normal human. He is able to float in the air. There are rumors of him being hologram, deprived from the pulsating "bead" inside his body. The "bead" is also speculated to be the reason he glows blue and green. He is capable of having holographic/glass-like wings that shatter with enough force. Said wings have the same colour shadings of Tabuu's body; a cyber green and a nova blue like color.



Tabuu made his first fangame appearance in Super Smash Bros. J.

Malicious series

Tabuu is an antoganist in the Malicious series. He first appears in Happy Face's Fantendo Smash Bros. where he is attempting to destroy the heroes and explode worlds. At the end of the game the heroes go inside him and defeat the bead inside him which is his heart. After beating his heart you can play as Tabuu in Versus.

RedYoshi series

Tabuu appeared as the main villain in the game UltraRedYoshi. In the game he turns RedYoshi's world into complete ruins and must be defeated to turn the world back to normal. RedYoshi fights him as the final boss. In the end, RY supposedly killed him using Dread's sword, the Sword of Might. However, Tabuu is surely to come back to life and wreak havoc in other games in other series.

Super Smash Bros. Universe

Tabuu will return to the Super Smash Bros. Series in Super Smash Bros. Universe. Unlike his appearence in Brawl, Tabuu doesn't appear in the game's story mode, The Wrath of Shadows as the final boss. Instead, he appears as the final boss in the Tower of Smash with updated and more powerful attacks. In addition, he is also fought in Boss Battles, however he is fought randomly rather than appearing as the final boss.

Other Versions

  • In Team Fanon Brawl, in the extra modes (classic, mission, all-stars) Tabuu, a Green Tabuu, and a Red Tabuu all appear as bosses and a playable character once in Mission Mode. Why there are 3 is unknown.
  • In Super Smash Bros. Chronicles, after Tabuu was defeated few years ago, he was awakened. He got purple eyes, painful wounds, stitches on his head and face, and a nasty arm.
  • In the Fighters of Lapis series, Tabuu acts as the main antagonist for the first, third, and sixth games. He makes a cameo appearance in the spin-off The Mysterious Five Project. More information can be found here.