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The slogan.

Tablet TopGame is a Tablet maded by Topline , the tablet is the first to feature phone calls without using internet. Top Game also features games , messages , a store (called TopStore) , are 3 versions of the TopGame :
  • Version 1.0 : The original version , this version don't feature the messages
  • Version 1.1 : The most selled version , this version are the only with headphones support
  • Version 1.2 : The newest version , put in stores in start of July.



The interface of version 1.1

The TopGame is a Cell Phone/Tablet , who permites make calls from your tablet from another cellphone with help of accesory called "Micro-Phone". You can also make messages for email , the store is like the App-Store.


The store have 3 sections , Third-Party Games , Newer Games and Topline Games. All games have support of a new thing in 1.2 version : Touch Screen.



Playing Sonic Snowboarding in Tablet TopGame

Actually , the TopGame have a few games on store :
  • Sonic Snowboarding (Launch Title)
  • Minecraft (July 2 , 2012)
  • Chrono Trigger (July 5 , 2012)
  • Olie World (July 8 , 2012)
  • Angry Birds (July 12 , 2012)
  • Plants vs. Zombies (TBA)
  • Sonic the Hedgehog 4 : Episodes 1 , 2 & Metal (TBA)

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