Tabitha James
Full Name Tabitha James
Current Age 18
Date of Birth  ???
Zodiac Sign  ???
Gender Female
Species Aggro
Location Aggronia
Align Good
Current Status Alive
Family and Relations
Amy Jackson, Hitomi Yamamoto, Tayshaun Fitzgerald and Krystal Pérez (allies)
Main Weapon(s) High-end sniper rifle
Ability/ies Strong combat skill
Nationality  ???
Ethnicity Aggronian
Height 5'9"
Weight 112 lbs
First Appearance Fantendoverse Racing
Latest Appearance Amy vs The Future 2

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Tabitha is an "Aggro" from a far off planet by the name of Aggronia. She is a strong fighter.


Tabitha has long green hair, which is apparently common on her home planet, a teal biker jacket, red pants and black army boots. Her eyes are a gold colour. She also carries a high-end sniper rifle with her and might wear black gloves at times.


Tabitha was born on a planet that was, for the most part, destroyed by warfare, as the people of her planet were savages that couldn't help but fight. As the years passed on, Tabitha grew up and saw more destruction. After turning 18, Tabitha was told to scout Earth for places to attack. Instead of doing that, she instead found Amy, Tayshaun and Krystal, of whom she saw fighting extraterrestrial life. Tabitha soon noticed that the Aggros didn't have to rule the universe, and decided to go to Earth. She didn't have the most spectacular of landings, and somehow ended up in the Fantendoverse instead. However, Tayshaun discovered her during the events of Fantendoverse Racing and she joined forces with him and Amy soon after.


Tabitha is aggressive, as her species name would suggest, but she is not as angered as other Aggros. She is able to go a full conversation without exploding. However, the anger doesn't even compare to that of Jess's.

Appearances in games


  • At 5'9", Tabitha is currently the tallest female character in the Tayshaun & Amy character (not counting Carli's transformation).
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